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Thursday, March 03, 2005

The Chart Don't Lie

No, it sure don't -- and boy does it suck this week! Well, it pretty much sucks every week. This is, after all, America. Alrighty then, here's a real shocker -- not only is 50 Cent at #1 for the 2nd week with "Candy Shop," he's also got two more songs in the Top 5. Doesn't he always, though? Apparently not, since Billboard says it's the first time anyone's achieved that feat in the Nielsen Soundscan era. Whatever, he's a total snooze.

Even more depressing is that Green Day, while still at #2 with "Boulevard Of Broken Dreams," have lost their bullet. Kelly Clarkson flip flops with Gwen Stefani featuring Eve and moves up to #7 with "Since U Been Gone." Gwen Stefani's singles suck and we're over her. Wonder if her husband's realized she's not a man yet.

The only bit of justice in this week's chart is a bit further down. The Killers' "Mr. Brightside" finally jumps into the Top 20 at #17, knocking "Get Right" by way-past-her-sell-by-date Jennifer Lopez down to #20! It's about time everyone wised up to the fact that this woman is someone better best forgotten. Let's hope her album flops, too. She's apparently still got some fans in the UK, though, where the song went to #1 a few weeks back. And what's with that uber-annoying horn sample the whole way through this piece of trash song? God, lady, go away already.

Rob Thomas, attempting to pull off a more pop direction ala Jewel's last album, moves up five places to #26 with "Lonely No More." We kinda like this song. It's a grower. Nothing great, but it's harmless fun. What you're seeing in the picture there is actually the rather uninspired artwork for his forthcoming album. Meanwhile, how did Goo Goo Dolls sneak into the Top 40 with a cover of "Give A Little Bit?" Especially when it's from a live album? Anyway, the single is at #39 this week after peaking at #37 last week.

Pretty dismal.


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