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Friday, March 11, 2005

Looking Good In A Buffalo Stance

Yeah, yeah, yeah... we've been a tad lazy with the posting this week. But, quit yer cryin', kids. We're back! So let's first give a shout out for the fact that it's Friday, and we couldn't be freakin' happier!

One of the things that brightened the day was when the iPod randomly landed on Neneh Cherry's "Buffalo Stance." Is this a great song or what? Why can't Hip Hop be this much fun now? Seriously, when that keyboard melody kicks in under the "who's looking good today / who's looking good in every way" bit, it's instant nostalgia. "We do the dive every time we dance!"

But, us being Chart Rigger, of course we have some trivia for ya'll. Back in '84, when Vince Clarke had split from Yaz(oo), he set out to produce songs for different singers. One of the songs offered to him was "Looking Good Diving" by Cameron McVey. Vince was like, yeah, fuck off, mate, and so Cameron formed pop group Morgan-McVey with some other dude, and Stock/Aitken/Waterman ended up producing the song. It's a pretty cheesy pop tune, undeniably '80s - but the chorus is a killer!

The S/A/W-produced single was released in the UK in '87. Yeah, major flop! But, the b-side featured an unknown London rapper named Neneh Cherry. It was basically "Looking Good Diving" with Neneh rapping very similar lyrics to what would later become "Buffalo Stance" over top of it.

In the meantime, Neneh had become romantically involved with Cameron McVey, who wrote the majority of Neneh's first album, Raw Like Sushi. "Buffalo Stance," the breakout hit from the album, borrowed heavily from "Looking Good Diving." It was basically a re-recording of that single's b-side. The phrase "looking good" pops up all through "Buffalo Stance," even.

Now, if only someone out there would do a mash-up of the two recordings. Hey, we got 'em both. You know where to reach us! If you've never heard "Looking Good Diving," you're really missing out on pure '80s camp. It's hard to even distinguish whether it's a male or female singing.

We'll give you love, baby, not romance!


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