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Saturday, March 05, 2005

She's Gonna Pop! Alright

Well, we were a bit curious to check out the rants and raves in the fan forum on UK bubblegum group Pop!'s official site, post breakup. And, boy - what a conspiracy there is a-brewin'!

It seems the kids are all atwitter that the real reason for the split up is Jade, the 18-year old blond broad, got knocked up (hey, we don't judge!) and wanted to leave the group. She was also apparently unhappy with all the politics of the music biz.

Now, really! If this were the case, she could have been easily swapped out with some other poplet wannabe, no? Surely there's an ample supply of fame-hungry starlets that would eagerly sign a deal with the devil -er, Pete Waterman - for a little time in the spotlight.

Anyway, the only one we ever really cared about is tall, dark and handsome Glenn, because he's hot. You can apparently catch him dancing on tour with Kylie this summer.

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