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Sunday, March 06, 2005

Skanky White Bitch

From the desk of Shananay La Child:

I know Shitney tryin' to keep it real and get ghetto, and I think she musta learned to stick wit what she know best: trailer trash.

It just go to show you folks - you can still have plenty of dough and be PWT. My momma used to call it "trash wit' ca$h," and Clitney is the perfect example. In this photo, she be sportin' a scrunchy, greasy hair and she doin' what she do best: sucking.

She suck more than a gay man at a fireman's ball. She suck candy, she suck that trashy Justin Timberlake bootleg husband and she suck at
sangin' (Aguilera may be a hoochie, but the girl gotz pipes, unlike Brixxxney).

But I will give the trashy bitch this -- at least she ain't dumb enough to go on Saturday Night Live and lip synch. She just save it for when them dumb white folks pay $90 to see her "live." Mmmkaaaay!


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