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Monday, May 30, 2005

Weekend Roundup: J'ason And MoogaBoo Do Cleveland

This year I decided to do my annual summer trip back home to Pennsylvania a bit early, to coincide with the week of Memorial Day. I took a shuttle to LAX Friday morning, and by Friday night, I was touching down at Pittsburgh International. I'm hear 'til Sunday.

The first stop on the tour was picking up Moogaboo on Saturday afternoon and whisking us off on an "undisclosed road trip" for the day - which turned out to be Cleveland - since I scored us two tickets to see The Killers at the House Of Blues' Scene Pavillion. I had originally tried to get tickets to the Philadelphia show this coming Friday, but it was sold out. Luckily, Cleveland, which is much closer, was not.

We braved driving through a brief downpour, McDonald's food and a bird with good aim perched on the bridge we eventually parked under to get to the concert, and it was well worth it! Before the show, I even had two cups of beer (which is probably more than the total amount of beer I'd ever drank previously in my life).

Hot Hot Heat was the opening band, and the lead singer looked curiously like Barbra Streisand during, as Moogaboo perfeclty phrased it, "the 'Evergreen (Theme From A Star Is Born)' period." I think they might have sucked, but we were both tipsy and deep in throng of screaming kids (it was general admission), so we didn't really notice.

Once that band was done, we burrowed our way closer to the front. I had smuggled in my digital camera, after all. When Brandon Flowers and Co. took to the stage, the mass of people was all screams and arms waving around. They launched into the first three songs off Hot Fuss, then jumped around and did b-sides, new songs, rare songs and more from the album.

It was a really awesome show (and my 3rd one of theirs). The audience was belting out the lyrics, and it clearly felt like good music is back. The real revelation is that Moogaboo and I both agree: we'd totally do the drummer, Ronnie Vannucci!

After it was over, we hit some local gay bar called Bounce, which was pretty dismal, then bounced outta Cleveland around 2:30 a.m. After about 20 minutes on the road, we realized we were heading west toward Toledo, rather than back east toward Pennsylvania. We gave an emergency call to Shanaynay back in Cali, who attempted to Mapquest us back the other way.

When all was said and done (crappy truck stop food, losing our Turnpike ticket, me hallucinating while driving because I was so tired, dropping off Moogaboo), I pulled back up to my parents' house at 6 a.m. on Sunday morning. The sun was just coming up, and I was headed for bed.

Ouch! A Ringtone Beats Coldplay To #1

It sucks to be Coldplay this week, at least according to the official UK Singles Chart. By all rights, the "new U2"'s latest single, "Speed Of Sound," should have gone straight in at #1.

But, alas, "Axel F" by Crazy Frog - a ringtone based on the sound of a revving Swedish moped - outsold "Speed Of Sound" four to one.

Faring even worse is Daniel Bedingfield, who continues his string of flops off his sophomore album. Whereas he scored three #1 UK singles off his first album, his latest - "The Way" - charted at #41. That's gotta hurt...

...unless you compare it to "Fearless," the second single from The Bravery, which scrapes in at #43. Looks like pretty haircuts and bad-mouthing your labelmates doesn't get you very far. Maybe they should have covered "The Theme From Miami Vice," instead.

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Friday, May 27, 2005

Shanaynay Sez: Hootie Go Home!

Oh, hell no! Darius Rucker's solo record be sittin' on the shelf long enough to see my third child be born and buy his first glock. Now I know why they call it SOLO – he the only one that had the album!

Now Hootie 'n The BLOWfish reuniting and gonna be dumb enough to use they flash-in-the-pan money to release Looking For Lucky on Darius' own label. More like lookin' for a crazy miracle – no one’s gonna buy that shit.

Hootie need to sell the ranch in Montana, come down here to Inglewood an' see how real black folk live! The world already got one boring ol' Tiger Woods!

Thursday, May 26, 2005

Mariah's #1 (And Dammit, We Actually Like This Song)

Has hell officially frozen over? Hasn't it been, like, 5 years since Mariah Carey had a real hit, let alone a #1 song? And with an album title like The Emancipation Of Mimi, wasn't she built to flop?

Well, "We Belong Together," the second single from her career-reviving album, has knocked Gwen Stefani's "Hollaback Girl" from the pole position on Billboard's Hot 100 Singles chart. And thanks to some guy at work who relentlessly plays this album on repeat, we actually have succumbed to the powers of Mimi - and ... we.... like... this.....song!!!!

C'mon, it's got the piano bit, and the tempo speeds up, and... and....


Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Carrie Wins: "Gimme My Damn Contract, Bitches!"

Okay, so we're on the west coast and American Idol doesn't come on for another 10 minutes, but the show's just too boring to sit through - so we went online and saw that Carrie Underwood was voted the winner of season 4.

How boring. At least if Bo Bice had won, it'd be a tad bit more eyebrow-raising. Well, okay, no it wouldn't.

We're sure Carrie and Co. have many groundbreaking musical treats in store for the adoring public. We bet her music will be even more lauded than Diana DeGarmo's! Wait... who won again last year?

Oh, who cares.

What Is Up With Phil Spector's Hair?

We all know legendary producer and creator of the "Wall Of Sound" Phil Spector is on trial for allegedly blowing away his girlfriend, Lana Clarkson - but why isn't he facing seperate charges for crimes against hair? Surely leaving the house looking like that must warrant some kind of public nuisance issues!

The judge in the trial ruled yesterday that 4 women Spector dated (!) will be allowed to testify that he pointed a gun at them. Now, hold the phone! Four women actually dated Phil Spector? Are ladies really this desperate in L.A.? I mean, did they not see the hair? Was he wearing a hat during sex?
Like Cyndi Lauper says, money changes everything.

We're pretty sure Spector has no need to worry about the outcome of the trial. This is, after all, Los Angeles - where the likes of Robert Blake and O.J. Simpson can do away with their pesky women as they please. Let's just hope that once he gets off, someone takes a chainsaw to his mop!

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Further Proof That Clay Aiken Is A Dyke

Jesus tried to make Clay Aiken look like a boy, but instead he ended up looking like a boy-woman! On top of that, he looks like a nerdy boy-woman! Can anyone actually imagine having sex with this guy without a pile of cash being transferred into a bank account first?


Who's It Gonna Be, America?

Alright, let's get down to brass tacks. This season of American Idol was pretty lackluster, and it was kinda obvious that the show needed its' extracurricular scandals to generate interest. Hell, we stopped watching weeks ago (and where the heck did that ugly guy go who was arrested for pouding his wife? Why didn't he win??). However, we're highly curious as to what will happen if long-haired "dude" Bo Bice wins.

Can you imagine him in the studio with the usual, built in team that puts together all the AI winners' boring, painful balladry? Or picture him on the cover of his cheesy debut single, photo-shopped against a Sears Portrait Studio-type background, posing all smiles.

Now, Carrie Underwood we can see doing all that. She seems to be built for a sure-fire boring career. Granted, we don't even remember which one she is, since we haven't watched the show in awhile, but we can kinda guess she's the type who probably thanks God and Jesus a lot, and loves her mama. Plus, she sings country music, doesn't she? Awww. She's so sweet.

That's why we're hoping Bo wins. The final two episodes of this season air tonight and tomorrow on FOX.

Monday, May 23, 2005

Pettos, Madge Show Their Support For Kylie!

News of pop starlet Kylie Minogue's battle with breast cancer has prompted thousands of people to visit her official Web site - causing it to crash last week.

Other stars have voiced up with their suppot for the singer:

Pet Shop Boys:
"Neil and Chris were shocked to hear that Kylie Minogue has been diagnosed with the early stages of breast cancer and would like to offer her their love and best wishes for successful treatment and a full recovery.

Pet Shop Boys have been fans of Kylie since her first releases and have collaborated with her twice, writing a song for her, "Falling", and performing a duet with her, "In denial", on their Nightlife album. They recently attended the last night of Kylie's "Showgirl" UK tour at Earl's Court and met Kylie afterwards.

We are sure that all PSB fans will join Neil and Chris in wishing Kylie a fast recovery and letting her know that we are all thinking about her at this difficult time."

Melissa Etheridge:
"I looked at my cancer as a kind of gift, a Drano for the soul. I cleaned out all the unnecessary toxins, literally and figuratively. I send my best to Kylie, all love and light to her . . . it's all a journey, so fasten your seat belt."

"I was saddened to learn about Kylie Minogue's breast cancer diagnosis. I'm so grateful that they found it early. (Yet another reminder for all women to have annual mammograms.) Aside from being tremendously talented, Kylie's a fighter and I know this is a battle she will win. Let's all pray for her speedy recovery and send all of our best wishes her way. With love and light to you Kylie."

Touching His Chest Now

Thanks to super groovy blogger Arjan for posting about a sneaky free download of the "Romantic Radio Edit" of The Killers' "Mr. Brightside."

We dig how the opening drum beat resembles that of "Space Age Love Song" by A Flock Of Seagulls. It's got us all nostalgic and thinking about playing with Legos in front of MTV back in the day. The mix is pretty good - what with its' fun electro-NRG beat - and on par with the "Thin White Duke Mix" by Jacques Lu Cont. "Mr. Brightside" is the the fifth most downloaded song from the iTunes Music Store today.

But really, we were just looking for any excuse to run this hot pic of Brandon Flowers in his pink blazer.


Backstreet Boys Name Drop Pet Shop Boys

The new issue of Entertainment Weekly is a double issue "Summer Preview." Inside is an article on the return of the Backstreet Boys, which contains the following:

Although three of them are in their 30s... they're not calling themselves the Backstreet Men. The topic came up during their first recording session in 2004 and unearthed lingering tensions between [Nick] Carter and the rest of the group. "There's the Beastie Boys, the Pet Shop Boys," says [Kevin] Richardson, reciting his stock explanation. "They're men and they still go by 'Boys.'"

The rest of the article goes on with Nick getting more and more pissy about them not changing their name. Wonder how he'll feel when he sees the finished article, which mentions his flop-ola solo album from 2002, Now Or Never:

...former fans resoundingly cry, "Never!"

Sunday, May 22, 2005


Seriously, are Oasis just totally incapable of releasing a good song anymore? Their new one, "Lyla," debuted at the top of the UK chart today. And, guess what? It sucks! Also - big shock - more Beatles plundering.

Between this and Coldplay, who gave two lackluster performances on Saturday Night Live last night, it's clear that these guys all need to cash in their chips and go get fat in the Bahamas. Granted, Oasis may have already done that, but did they miss the memo about not recording any more music... ever?

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Singled Out: The Bravery "Fearless"

Out on Monday in the UK, The Bravery's new single "Fearless" is, according to HMV, a " September 11-inspired track about overcoming anxiety and depression, sentiments that had engulfed New York in the aftermath of the attacks."

Guess that explains the following lyrics:

This is what it's all about
Take me in and eat me out
Pins and needles in my arms
Oh, yes your lucky charms

Nevertheless, "Fearless" is an awesome dance/rock tune with a crazy synth line and flamboyant vocals by lead singer Sam Endicott. And, yes, we get the wink, wink, nudge, nudge of the androgynous-looking person drawn on the single sleeve. Where that all fits in beats us, though. Whatever. Silly boys.


The Chart Don't Lie: `90s Stalwarts Are Back!

It's an interesting time for the US Top 40. By all accounts, many of the artists dominating the charts are defying previous slumps and re-emerging as bona fide superstars in music sales. A lot of this, of course, has to do with paid digital downloads factoring into the charts now. This allows the public's taste to be more truly reflected than it was when radio programmers held their previous dictatorship, thereby controlling the charts.

That said, Gwen Stefani is still #1 on the Hot 100 Singles chart this week with "Hollaback Girl." This marks 4 weeks at the top, and the single is also #1 on the Apple iTunes download chart.

Mariah Carey, of all people, is Gwen's challenger at the top, as her single "We Belong Together" moves up a notch to #2. It's also this weeks' greatest gainer in airplay.

Backstreet Boys move closer to the Top 10 with "Incomplete," at #14 this week. This is their highest-charting single since "Shape Of My Heart" in 2000. Kelly Clarkson also moves into the Top 20 with "Behind These Hazel Eyes," at #18.

At #21, "Beverly Hill" by Weezer is this weeks' greatest gainer in sales. Their album Make Believe debuts at #2 on the album chart.

Green Day's 3rd single off American Idiot, "Holiday," hangs out at #31. "Boulevard Of Broken Dreams" is at #15.

Further down, Nine Inch Nails rebound a tad with "The Hand That Feeds," up 3 spots to #50 due to an increase in downloads.

Tuesday, May 17, 2005


Wow! What horrible news to wake up to. Kylie Minogue was diagnosed with breast cancer this morning, while visiting family in Melbourne, Australia. Concert promoter and long-time friend Michael Gudinski said Minogue was fit and strong.

"It was diagnosed this morning," he told reporters. "I'm hoping and praying because the doctor found it so early that everything will be okay. She's got a few tough weeks ahead of her. The one thing I know about Kylie is, she's a fighter."

Kylie has postponed the Australian and Asian legs of her "Showgirl" tour, as well as canceled her appearance at the Glastonbury Festival. At 36, Kylie is Australia's most successful singer.

Thousands of fans have posted messages for the singer all over the net. Here is the statement she put on her official site:

"I was so looking forward to bringing the Showgirl tour to Australian audiences, and am sorry to have to disappoint my fans. Nevertheless hopefully all will work out fine and Ill be back with you all again soon."

All here at Chart Rigger are thoroughly sad. We'll be playing Kylie all day, and sending our prayers Kylie's way.

:-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :*(

Monday, May 16, 2005

Brandon Showers

Always a tad behind, the U.S. is getting "All These Things That I've Done" as the next official single from The Killers, complete with a video directed by Anton Corbijn. In the UK, "Smile Like You Mean It" is the current single (debuting at #12 last week), while "All These Things..." was a single there in the fall.

The video is a riff on the old Sergio Leone spaghetti western genre, and features the band in cowboy garb. We're all hot and bothered over the hot shower scene with Brandon Flowers, and the bit where he rides a donkey. It's great to see the band emracing their more artsy, uh, "sensitive" fan base.

Also, a big shout out to Tracey, who cut my hair at Rudy's barbershop on Melrose a few weeks ago. She slipped me a copy of the infamous "Live In Birmingham" bootleg that's floating around on the internet on all the illegal download services. The sound quality is great! Also, check out La Flowers' eyeliner in the pic to the right - that boy was made to wear L'Orea (although here he looks a bit like a zombie).

Weekend Roundup

Today was a pretty good day, although things are crazy/busy at work, since we're moving offices. One cool thing that happened was I interviewed Kelly Clarkson over the phone - alas, not for Chart Rigger. You'll just have to seek out a certain gay mag's July issue to read the interview. Think the one that shares half a name with a certain Sharon Stone hit movie, co-starring Michael Douglas.

Anyway, the weekend flew by, as usual. Friday night, I ditched the Flaunt magazine party and opted to stay in watching DVDs -- Meet The Fockers (not as good as the hype) and Alone In The Dark (who thought casting Tara Reid was a good idea?).

Saturday I went to see Erasure during one of their 3 sold out nights here in L.A. It was a great show, with everyone dancing and singing along. The bottle of wine beforehand greatly helped, too!

Sunday, I tried to go rollerblading, but noticed once I got there that one of my wheels is broken. Instead, I took a long walk and listened to the iPod. Kelly said today that she takes her iPod everywhere with her. I should have mentioned that "Since U Been Gone" is at 64 plays currently on mine.

Saturday, May 14, 2005

We're Only Buying This For The Max Martin Songs!

Here's cover art for the new Backstreet Boys album, Never Gone - which is out in the U.S. on June 14th. The tracklisting, as reported on the group's official site, is as follows:

1. Incomplete
2. Just Want You To Know
3. Crawling Back To You
4. Weird World
5. I Still
6. Poster Girl
7. Lose It All
8. Climbing The Walls
9. My Beautiful Woman
10. Safest Place To Hide
11. Siberia
12. Never Gone

"Incomplete," the first single, jumps up to #18 on this week's Billboard Hot 100 Singles chart, due to a surge in downloads. Click here to watch the video, a dramatic affair where Nick waves his arms around a lot in front of a flaming bicycle and Kevin overacts with a piano.

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Sometimes She Runs

Some dude named Steve Wallace from Indiana is suing Britney Spears for copyright infringement. He claims he wrote Britney's 1999 hit single "Sometimes" 15 years ago. (Now, just like the woman that tried to sue Paula Abdul back in the '90s, claiming she was the one who sang on most of Paula's hits - is this something you really wanna own up to?)

"Sometimes" was Britney's 2nd single from her debut album "...Baby One More Time." Check out the original single sleeve - remember when she wore clothes and was that innocent? The complaint says Wallace didn't officially copyright his song until 2003. A few weeks after writing the song in 1990, he did it the booty way - or what's commonly known as a "poor man's" copyright: He placed the lyrics in an envelope and mailed it to himself, keeping the postmark. He shopped the song around to publishers in 1994 and submitted it to a lyric contest in Pennsylvania in 1997.

Wallace apparently produced a copy of what he claims is an e-mail from Spears which says: "I now know for a fact that you wrote sometimes. But there's nothing I can do about it. That's all I can say about it." But since, among other things, there are no spelling errors or bad grammar, they're probably not sure if she actually wrote it.

Look, Britney, just rake over a mill or two to him and don't get dragged into court. Although, it would be kind of interesting to see the case on Court TV, since Billboard reports the following:

Wallace, 34, who writes pop, country and gospel songs, suffers from dystonia, a neurological disorder that results in tremors at times, and prevents him from talking, said his attorney, John Ritchison.

Imagine him on the stand, while Britney chain smokes and scowls, holding her baby in the distance.

Or Am I A Page In AI History?

Special thanks to The Duke for pointing us to recent news on The Drudge Report, which has been going into overdrive dealing with all the Paula Abdul allegations:




AMERICAN IDOL judge Paula Abdul feared ABCNEWS was investigating drug use for its PRIMETIME LIVE special, sources claim.

Just days before the program aired, Abdul lawyer Marty Singer fired off a detailed 2 page warning to ABCNEWS strongly denying any wrongdoing regarding Abdul and drugs.

"It was sure odd," a network source tells the DRUDGE REPORT. "We were never investigating Paula Abdul and drugs, and we never asked her lawyer about any such allegation."

Former AMERICAN IDOL contestant Corey Clark says he can prove his sex claims with Judge Paula Abdul -- by identifying a "distinguishing characteristic" on Abdul's body, the DRUDGE REPORT can reveal!
"He says it's a 'distinguishing characteristic' few have seen, only those who have been intimate with her," claims a well-placed FOX source who has been briefed on the development.
A source close to the beleaguered IDOL judge called Clark's claim an "outrageous violation of privacy."
Clark now appears to be taking a turn out of the Paula Jones-Clinton playbook.
"He's hungry for attention," says the FOX source. "He wants to play this out all summer long, with his lawyer Richard Jefferson."

Don't worry, Paula. As we've said before, there's always the promise (promise!) - promise of a new day!

Screw 2005!

Also appearing in this week's Ask Billboard column is a question by a guy named Mark:

I've been anxiously waiting for Paris Hilton's debut into the music world. [Chart Rigger: !!!] I know she's signed to Warner Bros. Records and I know her single "Screwed" has been ready for release for a while. Do you know what the delay is?

Poor Mark. While we suggest that he go see House Of Wax to watch Paris get a metal pipe shoved through her skull, Keith Caulfield of Billboard instead offers this:

You're not the only one dying to get Paris Hilton's album. [Chart Rigger: !!!!!!!!!!!] We've been hearing about this project for what seems like forever. She recently said that the album will come out before the end of the year, and described its sound as Blondie meets Gwen Stefani. But it's unknown when the album will actually hit stores - Warner Bros. has yet to announce a release date.

We'd never admit ourselves that we've been playing "Screwed" on repeat for weeks on end this past month. Never! Ever!

Put Yourself In Her Place

It seems like cruel injustice when Mariah Carey is having a comeback of sorts with her new ridiculously named album The Emancipation Of Mimi, while rad pop vixens like Kylie Minogue barely make a blip on the pop radar here in the States.

In this week's Ask Billboard column, Keith Caulfield notes the following when asked about sales figures for Kylie's last 3 albums in the U.S.:

Minogue's "Fever" has sold 1.1 million copies in the United States, according to Nielsen SoundScan, since its 2002 release. The 2004 follow-up "Body Language" has only shifted a meager 164,000 units to date. This year's "Ultimate Kylie" compilation has only sold 20,000 since it's February U.S. release.

Okay, we totally understand the Body Language sales. But anyone mildly curious about The Minogue that doesn't know where to begin should definitely pick up Ultimate Kylie.

Speaking of which, she's currently trotting out the hits on her "Showgirl" tour (not coming here, see album sales figures!). Last week, during a concert in Earls Court, the Aussie minx forgot the lyrics to "I Should Be So Lucky" halfway through the song.

Hey, that's a deep song with some tough lyrics!

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

This Bad Version We Can't Keep It To Ourselves

Sometimes, it's just not a good idea to do a cover version. Case in point, as we were cruising around online today, we stumbled onto a link for Brad Walsh's double wince-inducing cover version of Stacey Q's "Two Of Hearts."

Here's the song, point by point:

1. Tacky Casio intro sounds promising

2. Hmm, no vocoded "I-I-I Need, I Need You!" at the beginning. We're suspicious already.

3. Okay, the tinny metal guitar is kinda cool

4. Uh-Oh! Brad's singing.

5 - 10. Is this MP3 still playing?

Sorry, Brad, but you sound like some "bro" who had 6 too many cocktails during a midnight screening of Party Monster at The Waverly - then the girls carted you off in a wheel barrow to the nearest karaoke dive.

Oh, and we're running this Stacey Q sleeve instead of the original "Two Of Hearts" because, well, the hair....

Here's a link to Brad Walsh's cover of "Two Of Hearts."

Monday, May 09, 2005

Why, Jesus?

The twinkling eyes... the mink stole over his shoulder...the frosted weave...Clay Aiken is such an uber-queen, words are escaping us right now.

Song Of The Week: Uniting Nations "You And Me"

Alright, we're sick to death of the covers trend sweeping through dance clubs, where DJs take an 80s song, sample one verse, and loop it over a monotonous, filtered house track. Just think of Eric Prydz' "Call On Me" or the recent spate of "Waiting For A Star To Fall" versions that flooded the market.

Another culprit in this wave of flavor-of-the-month covers is Uniting Nations, whose own take on Hall & Oates' "Out Of Touch" was a big hit in Europe last winter (both duos pictured above). Hell, I even heard it at a club in Dallas last month!

But, their new single, "You And Me," is an original - although it uses the same formula as "Out Of Touch" for its' sound. The chorus is so catchy that we picture it becoming the feel-good summer tune that gets kids' heads bopping at public swimming pools in Belgium this year! French vocalist Jinian Wilde even sounds a tad like Jason Donovan.

There's no word yet on a single release, but you can go
here to read an interview with Paul and Daz of Uniting Nations.

Sunday, May 08, 2005

Weekend Roundup

Friday night, I went to see Aimee Mann perform at the House Of Blues on the Sunset Strip. I hadn't seen her live since 2000 - when she was basking in all the Oscar nomination/Magnolia glory - and I had forgotten how great she is live. Her latest CD, The Forgotten Arm is okay, though still not as good as Bachelor No. 2.

Glen Phillips, the former lead singer of Toad The Wet Sprocket, opened for her. His performance was basically just him and an acoustic guitar for 45 minutes. I'm just thankful we got there late, and only caught his last 2 songs.

Last night I saw House Of Wax, which is highly worth the 10 bucks just for Paris Hilton's death scene. I don't think I've laughed so hard in years!

Not so laughable - and actually rather boring - was the ABC Primetime Live special, "Fallen Idol." What an utter waste of time. I don't really care if Paula Abdul banged Corey Clark, that special had nothing redeeming about it. All it did was paint Clark as being completely shady.

Paula made an appearance on Saturday Night Live last night, poking fun at her recent wave of bad news in the press. When life hands Paula lemons, she turns it into Crystal Light.

Friday, May 06, 2005

Singled Out: Erasure

The Mute label is finally releasing the 2 best songs off Erasure's latest album as a double A-sided single, both here and in the UK. Why the label didn't go with these singles first is still a mystery, since they're really the best (and only decent) tracks off the album. In fact, even if you're not a fan of the duo, "All This Time Still Falling Out Of Love" deserves a curious listen.

The previous two singles off the album Nightbird were "Breathe" and "Don't Say You Love Me," which went to #4 and #15 in the UK, respectively. Like those singles, "Here I Go Impossible Again" is thankfully getting a single remix.

Here are the details, as reported by the official Erasure site yesterday:

UK / European Release Date: 20 June 2005

CD Single (CD MUTE 344)
 1 Here I Go Impossible Again - Single Mix
 2 All This Time Still Falling Out Of Love - Original Mix

Ltd Ed CD Single (LCD MUTE 344)
 1 All This Time Still Falling Out Of Love - Shanghai Surprize Club Mix
 2 Here I Go Impossible Again - Triggertrax Extended Remix
 3 Here I Go Impossible Again - Meloboy's German Compu-Soul Remix

DVD Single (DVD MUTE 344)
 1 All This Time Still Falling Out Of Love - Album Version
 2 Here I Go Impossible Again - Pocket Orchestra Club Mix
 3 All This Time Still Falling Out Of Love - Live In Cologne

North American Release Date: 26 July 2005

CD Maxi Single (92942 / 724596929421)
 1 Here I Go Impossible Again - Single Mix
 2 All This Time Still Falling Out Of Love - Original Mix
 3 Here I Go Impossible Again - Meloboy's German Compu-Soul Remix
 4 All This Time Still Falling Out Of Love - Shanghai Surprize Club Mix
 5 All This Time Still Falling Out Of Love - Live In Cologne (enhanced CD ROM)

Thursday, May 05, 2005

Shanaynay Sez: Them Mexican's Just Crazy!

Shanaynay just spent a week in Mexico knockin' da boots off some pina coladas. While lookin' to get my groove on, I went to da local discotheque to check out da local beats, and let me tell you - they into some freaky deaky shit!

I'm not talkin' Paulina Rubio, J. Low or even da recently released Gloria Trevi! I'm talkin' 'bout some down home Mexico cowboy shit, where them guys look like Tim McGraw in blackface, and every chick looks like Selena after a week on Donut Island.

Good Lawd, I'm glad to be back in da States!

Wednesday, May 04, 2005


For some odd reason, iTunes had little to no Bananarama songs or albums available to download - until last week! Now, with the exception of their '95 album Ultra Violet and that crappy one that only got released in France a few years later, the 'nana's entire back catalogue is available to snag from the online music store (almost).

Still missing, however, is one of the trio's (now a duo) biggest hits, "Cruel Summer," although the Ace of Base version is available. Plus, no "Venus!" What's up with that? At least "I Heard A Rumour" is on there.

We figured something was up with this major reappearance of the girls, and sure enough - according to the band's web site - there's a new Bananarama single being released in July.

Here are the top downloaded songs from them on iTunes as of today:

1. "I Heard A Rumour"
2. "Robert De Niro's Waiting"
3. "Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye"
4. "Tempus Fugit Mix"
5. "More, More, More"
6. "Really Sayin' Something"
7. "Love In The First Degree"
8. "Long Train Runnin'
9. "It What You Do It's The Way That You Do It"
10. "Help"

Ourselves, we downloaded "Ain't No Cure" and "Preacher Man" the other day, off the Pop Life album.

Pagan Idol!

Don't forget to watch ABC's Primetime Live episode called "Fallen Idol" tonight at 10 pm! It's the behind-the-scenes expose (or that's how they're touting it, anyway) of FOX's megahit dog and pony act, American Idol.

One of the highlights of the program promises to be the allegations that former ousted contestant Corey Clark - kicked off the show 2 seasons ago for smacking around his sister and facing criminal charges - had a torrid tryst with completely washed-up has-been pop star Paula Abdul.

Here's what Billboard reports today:

Clark alleges his first private phone call with Abdul came after an associate of hers slipped Clark a piece of paper with her number.

"So she was like, 'You got to have better song choices, and I want to help you do that. I want to look out after you like, like, I'm your mom,'" Clark told "Primetime Live," according to an excerpt released by ABC News.

"And then she was like, "Well, more like your sister." And I was like, 'OK, cool, cool' ... And then she was like, "Well, maybe more like your special friend,'" Clark told the news show.

Gross! Not only is Clark a sleazy opportunist, but popping Paula is just so.... gaaah...desperate. Oh well, don't fret, Paula... there's always the promise of a new day.

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Song Of The Week: New Order "Jetstream"

After picking up a copy of New Order's new CD, Waiting For The Siren's Call last week - even though I already had the promo - I really started to get into the album as a whole for the first time. It's miles ahead of their last one, Get Ready.

In addition to "Guilt Is A Useless Emotion" and "I Told You So," "Jetstream" is the song that really stands out as a moment of true brilliance on the CD. It's to be released as the 2nd single in the UK on May 16th. The song and video feature Ana Matronic of the Scissor Sisters on vocals.

It's got total pop nonsense lyrics ("J-E-T / You are so good for me / You are my jestream lover"), and that's one of the best things about it. That plus the fact that there's going to be a Richard X mix on the single. It's definitely the group's most pop moment since "Regret."

Here in the US, a CD single is released today for the album's first single, "Krafty."