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Monday, September 19, 2005

In Memoriam: Pop!

It's been over a year now since UK act Pop! first attempted their bid to be the new Steps - and I finally got around to buying the import CD of their first single, "Heaven And Earth" (UK #14, June 2004) this past weekend.

Poor Pop! They hardly sounded original - following in a long line of Steps knock-offs (Scooch, Fast Food Rockers, etc.) - and barely stood a chance. Their second single, "Can't Say Goodbye" didn't do much to set them apart from their predecessors, either, and in fact charted even lower (UK #26, October 2004). It's a wonder they got a 3rd single release.

Now, the real crime is that this 3rd single - "Serious" - was the first truly good song they did, yet was the one that killed their career. A slower-paced '80s R&B-tinged chugger, "Serious" boasted the awesome "WIP-Shala-WAP" remix, which sounded like the best song Mel And Kim never recorded. The single failed to go Top 10 - charting at UK #16 in January of this year - and their fate was pretty much sealed. (It should be noted that dark-haired hottie Glenn went on to be a dancer in Kylie Minogue's Showgirl tour.)

Pop! recorded a cover of "Xanadu" under the pseudonym Northern Dance Society, which did the rounds in the clubs this past winter (you can download their version here). The song (with re-recorded vocals by Lauren Waterworth) was set to get a single release this past July, but was pulled at the last minute. There was even a video made to accompany the single, with a gaggle of buxom models in various states of undress.

The same models from that scrapped video now look set to appear in the forthcoming video for Cents Of Entitlement's "Who Do You Love," due out as a single in October. Listen to a clip here.

At any rate, in retrospect, Pop!, though short-lived, put out 3 tunes worth checking out. "Can't Say Goodbye" is actually available for download from the U.S. iTunes store, along with remixes and b-side "Precious."

Their official website is still up and running.



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