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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Gold Digger

While at the airport in London on Monday, waiting to fly back to L.A., I picked up the Stock Aitken Waterman Gold 3-disc set. Launch the ecard advertisement for it here, where you can play a game shooting gold discs at Kylie in the tub, popping her bubbles!

It has to be said that the remastering on the tracks is amazing. Also, a lot of the 7" and radio edits of the songs I had never heard - such as "You Think You're A Man," "Whatever I Do (Wherever I Go)," "I Don't Wanna Get Hurt" and "That's What Love Can Do." It's almost like discovering brand new tracks by SAW!

Click here to listen to a 21-minute interview BBC radio did with all three producers the other day, where they discuss getting past their court case and the difficulty of working with Pete Burns, as well as the making of "Roadblock," "I Should Be So Lucky" and "Never Gonna Give You Up."


  • At 10:54 AM, Blogger MrBrady said…

    Ooh it does sound good in its newly remastered form! My only niggles:

    The version of "Cross My Broken Heart" that's included isn't the 7" Mix (it's the "Sinitta!" album version), which I was hoping to get on CD for the first time.

    There are a few edits - most notably the 12" versions of "Say I'm Your Number One" and the remix of "Never Gonna Give You Up".


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