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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

So Beautiful

The theme song for the trip to London was definitely "So Beautiful" by Darren Hayes, as I heard it EVERYWHERE the 4 days I was there.

It was #1 on the Captial FM radio playlist, even topping Will Young (ahem!). Thursday night, I bought the single, which has an awesome radio mix that's a lot punchier than the one available on iTunes.

Unfortunately, the official UK charts came out Sunday, and "So Beautiful" only entered at #15. Ah well....

The single is the precursor to next Monday's release of Savage Garden's greatest hits in the UK. "So Beautiful" is one of two new Darren Hayes songs on the album.


  • At 6:24 AM, Blogger MrBrady said…

    I have to admit that after hearing this track so many times (and I think the most constant play was on your iBook, D'Luv!) I actually really like it. It's a shame that a good, solid original ballad gets squeezed into the top 15 when slush-by-numbers like ShelfLife sells in the tens of thousands.


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