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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Give It Up For Ashley Parker Angel, Haters!

How lame were O-Town? They were like boy band crud that the record label scraped off JC Chasez's tennis shoe and flung into a recording studio.

They vomited up two hits about 6 years ago -- "Liquid Dreams" (class) and "All Or Nothing -- then rightfully got sucked into the vortex of obscurity.So when Ashley Parker Angel (the spikey-haired blond one) ended up down and out in Beverly Hill$, it was no surprise. However, when he showed up on an MTV reality show called There And Back earlier this year, telling his tale of the fight back to financial security (and his fight to move out of his pregnant wife's mom's house), that was a bit more eyebrow-raising.

So now, against all odds, his liquid dreams are coming true as his "comeback" single, "Let U Go" (produced by none other than Max Martin and Dr. Luke), is currently the 3rd most-downloaded single in the country.

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