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Friday, April 21, 2006

No More Feuding For Pete Wentz And Brandon Flowers As Romance Blooms

Just what we need on a Friday morning! It looks like the bitch-slapping between Island Def Jam's Pete Wentz of Fall Out Boy and Island Def Jam's Brandon Flowers of The Killers is so yesterday! (Hmmmm...Island Def Jam is now headed by Jay-Z, whose years-long feud with Nas resulted in massive sales for both rappers. Hey, we might be onto something here! )

Anyway, Pete has now, like, asked Brandon Flowers out on a date!

"I'd like to go out to dinner with Brandon, because I think he'd be an interesting dude to eat with," Wentz gushed to MTV. "But I don't think he would go out to dinner with me."

Now, now! With an attitude like that, mister... Why not build up some courage and give B-Flo a ring to see if he's feelin' it?

So, Pete went on to say that Fall Out Boy begin recording their new album this June in L.A., a few songs of which will be produced by '90s throw-back Babyface, of all mo-fo's!

He says the record is full of anti-hipster tracks, including one called "Gay Is Not A Synonym For Shitty." Why not build up some courage and give B-Flo a ring to see what he thinks about that one?

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