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Thursday, May 25, 2006

The Gayest Scene In High School Musical

Ridiculously addictive Disney Channel flick High School Musical came out on DVD this week, and sold over 400,000 copies on Tuesday, its first day of release, alone. It immediately set the record as the best-selling TV movie release of all time.

Now, after watching it again last night, I can't help but think part of its charm is the tongue-in-cheek humor. Witness the highly homo-erotic locker room exchange between (shirtless) star basketball player Troy and his coach/dad (played by hot-ass Bart Johnson, pictured right). Troy is conflicted about wanting to win the big game, but also wanting to explore the secretly hidden "musical" tendencies burgeoning within (ahem!). Coach seems more than happy to help him out:

COACH: How you feeling?
TROY: Nervous...
COACH: Yeah, me too. Wish I could suit up and play along side of you.
TROY: You had your turn.
COACH: Know what I want from you today?
TROY: The championship?
COACH: It'll either come or it won't. What I want is for you to have fun. I know all about the pressure, and probably too much of it has come from me. What I really want is to see my son having the time of his life playing a game we both love. (!!!) You give me that, and I will sleep with a smile on my face no matter how the score comes out. (!!!!!!)
TROY: Thanks, coach...uh, dad.

Coach, uh, dad then slaps Troy on the thigh and walks out of the locker room. Hmmmm.



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