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Monday, May 01, 2006

When You Realize You're Not 20 Anymore

Shanaynay and I went up to San Francisco for a quick 2-day trip, planning to party like rock stars, but intstead we ended up hobbling around like Lite FM washups. It all started two months ago when I saw that the Editors were doing a U.S. tour. The closest they were coming was San Francisco, and I thought, Hey! Let's make it a fun trip up there to see the concert and run around the city! We even convinced The Duke to come along. Of course, the band later was added to the bill for Sunday's line-up at the Coachella Festival - which is a bit closer to L.A. - but who wants to spend 12 hours in the desert to see them play for like 15 minutes, right? And no, the fact that Madonna was performing the same night wasn't remotely enticing, either.

So anyway, the show was set for Saturday night. We woke up at 5:30 a.m. (!!) on Saturday morning to catch a 7:50 a.m. flight into Oakland. Right off the bat, this was our downfall, as we would go on to find out that Editors weren't taking that stage that night 'til midnight. Even once we got to San Francisco, we... okay, I... was dead tired. And it wasn't even noon yet! The real pain was that we couldn't check into our hotel until 3 p.m. So, I did what anyone would do to revive themselves after an early morning... spent a large chunk of my tax return at H+M!

We then wandered through Macy's and Virgin Megastore, where Shanaynay bought the new P!nk CD. We even gave money to a homeless guy so he could buy cat food for his two big tabbies, Jeff and Wiggy! (which he probably spent on booze!) The Museum of Modern Art was within walking distance, so we took a stroll through Buena Yerba park over to the museum, and walked through all 5 levels of the building.

When we finally were able to check into our room, we crashed into bed... but only for about 45 minutes. It was one of those situations where you're so tired you can't sleep. So then we listened to P!nk, and it's suprisingly really good! I love "U + Ur Hand" and "Dear Mr. President." But the whole album gets a thumbs up.

Anyway, we then got some appetizers at the place next to the hotel while waiting for The Duke to show up for dinner. We downed a bottle of wine, then later went to a wine bar with The Duke and his brother, where we downed a bunch more. By 10, we finally decided to walk to Mezzanine, the club where the concert was. We got there at 10:30, and the first opening band still had about 4 more songs left. All three of us were so tired (The Duke had been out til 3:30 a.m. the night before) that it felt surreal. The wine probably didn't help. Finally, the first opening band ended around 11 p.m., and The Duke was like, "I'm outta here," and he caught a bus back to his brother's. We both looked at each other, got a smile on our faces and bailed, too. The thought of standing there through another awful 80s-wannabe-ala-The-Killers no-name band was excruciating, and so we started the long uphill trek back to the hotel. Once we got there, we totally passed out for 10 hours.

Now, it might seem on the surface that we completely blew off the entire reason for the trip, which was seeing the Editors. And this may be true. But I learned something very important on this weekend jaunt. There were posters up everywhere for the film The Da Vinci Code, and I realized that I will never see this movie because Tom Hanks' hair sucks. Who thought giving him a mullet at his age was a good idea? I hope this movie flops bigger than That Thing You Do!

On Sunday morning we got up and had dim sum at an awesome Chinese restaurant, then we walked through about a mile of sketchy neighborhoods to Haight Ashbury and chilled out in a park where people were letting their dogs run around. We finally took a cab back to the hotel, got our bags, and headed back to the airport. Our only regret about the whole weekend was that we didn't get to eat at Asia SF, where "world famous gender illusionists serve you Cal Asian cuisine while performing hourly atop the red runway bar."

Between sitting in a park, eating dim sum, seeing art in a museum and shopping for clothes, I realized that your priorities (and bed times) change once you hit 32. It's not a bad thing. I haven't listened to that Editors album in about two months, anyway.

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  • At 11:42 AM, Blogger xolondon said…

    I'm kind of the same way now about club shows (eg band on at 12am). I don't even bother unless I have evidence they are a great live act. Of course I am even older than you, so maybe I am worse about this.

    Still, a great show is a real high.

    I loves me some San Fran though...

  • At 1:55 PM, Blogger The Duke said…

    Lesson learned: from now on I will ALWAYS check to see what time the main act comes on. I don't think we're grandmas -- 12 midnight is just plain unreasonable (especially after a previous night of binge drinking). At least you guys didn't get into an argument with your brother the next day which resulted in spending 4 hours sitting at the Oakland airport waiting for you flight to Vegas.

    But, being outside last night in the 90 degree heat at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, listening to the pulsing rhythms and rawk of Depeche Mode as airplanes flew low overhead and Dave Gahan wiggled his ass and spun around (not as fast as he used to -- he's getting old, too) made everything seem absolutely worth it.

  • At 2:07 AM, Blogger Paul said…

    oh my gosh i am 32 tomorrow! Is this what i have to look forward to?? I'm totally kidding - not about being 32, that part is sadly true. What i mean is these past two weeks in gran canaria have just been exhausting. We were out nearly every night and usually we do stuff in the day on vacation (all i ever wanted) too but were just too pooped to do anything...

    and my friend Ruth and I - we went to see The Modern a few weeks back and were mortified to learn they weren't on til 11! On a work night!! That's just rude...

    Ps - will you hate me if i say i LOVE That Thing You Do? I still listen to the song occassionally and am waiting for The Click Five to do a non ironic cover version of it....

  • At 2:36 AM, Anonymous lady stardust said…

    gawd, i should've just gone to the concert for you pogs...i would've been wide awake considering i don't even start work until midnight!

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