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Saturday, September 30, 2006

Scissor Sisters Do L.A.

Scissor Sisters spent a couple of days in L.A. this week, where they not only kicked off their North American tour Thursday, but appeared on Dancing With The Stars on Wednesday:

They did both "Take Your Mama" and "I Don't Feel Like Dancin'" on the show, which obviously proved to be a surreal experience for them. At the concert the next night, Jake said to the audience he had no idea how they got booked and ended up on the program. Luckily, someone at the L.A. gig got this clip of Ana and Jake talking about it, and uploaded it to YouTube (it's hard to hear in some parts, but I've transcribed below):

ANA: We did a show called Dancing With The Stars, which was great, but it was bizarre. We got some hate mail. [pointing at Jake] One guy said that, "A guy who looks like you and acts like you and sings like you shouldn't be wearing an outfit that looks like Target."

JAKE: Maybe he's right! Maybe he's right...

ANA: Maybe he's right. [She pats her ass] Good thing he didn't see the one right there!

JAKE: What about if maybe I was assassinated right now?

ANA: It would be so Nashville. It would be great! Well, not great, because I'd be out of a job...

JAKE: You'd still keep working. You'd still keep working. Would she not, ladies and gentleman? Ana Matronic would still keep working if I died! [Crowd cheers]

ANA: I mean, we could try to be New Order, but it just wouldn't work. [She pretends to deep throat her microphone] I mean, you know, I'd work in some way...

The concert was at the Shrine Auditorium, which is where the Academy Awards were usually held before the Kodak Theater in Hollywood was built about six years ago. The Shrine is also located almost directly across the street from USC (University Of Southern California), where our friend The Duke attended and where I stayed with him on my very first college spring break trip back in March of 1995 (incidentally, also my first of four trips to Los Angeles before I moved here).

Here's an outside view of the venue:

It was standing room only, and it was sold out. Apparently Dave Grohl, Jerry O'Connell, Rebecca Romijn and Ian Somerhalder were in the audience, but as Lady Stardust and I were squished like sardines up near the stage, all we really saw were the people directly up against us.

This is what the place looks like on the inside:

Anyway, here were the highlights and a few observations:

* I got the impression there were technical difficulties before they took the stage, as the roadies kept fussing with the microphones. When they'd do the test check, no sound could be heard. Eventually, they got it sorted out

* The first song they did was "Take Your Mama"

* Jake made fun of the cheapness of their backdrop set, and pulled part of the scissors logo off the makeshift elevator (designed to look like the cover of Ta-Dah) and threw it to the audience

* Babydaddy has a massive following, something I noticed by the countless Babydaddy-alikes in the audience

* The songs they didn't do off the new album were "Intermission," "The Other Side" and "Might Tell You Tonight" :-(

* At one point, Paddy Boom, Babydaddy and Del Marquis started playing the opening of "Filthy/Gorgeous," but Jake said, "We're not gonna do that crappy old song," and they stopped

* Despite Ana's absence from most of Ta-Dah's main vocals on the album, she sang on almost every song live, either doing harmonies or the chorus with Jake

* When they did "Comfortably Numb," all the lights went out and there was a cool blue light laser-like show, which I figured to be an homage to the old Pink Floyd laser shows that used to happen in big city planetariums in the '80s

* Ana's two numbers, "Tits On The Radio" and "Kiss You Off" were done quite early in the show, probably (in my opinion) to make it seem like she's not just a backing vocalist

* They did one encore, where they performed "I Don't Feel Like Dancin'" and -- the teasers! -- "Filthy/Gorgeous"

It was a great time, and I didn't have a drop to drink, but I was wrecked all day Friday from yelling and dancing myself silly the night before.

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  • At 4:18 PM, Blogger xolondon said…

    ooh lucky bitches!

  • At 8:16 PM, Blogger Robpop said…

    I've finally realised the problem I have with this band. Jake Shears looks too much like my best friend. Too freaky.

  • At 2:35 AM, Blogger Paul said…

    yay! am so glad you had a good time - i can't wait to see them in nov ;) I will tell you if they do the filthy gorgeous tease at that one too...

  • At 4:24 AM, Blogger mobius said…

    Sounds great! Can't wait to finally see them live.

    It's funny to see them on "Dancing With The Stars" in the US. While the Austrian version was rather naff (I don't think there were live acts), the German version was camp as tits as the host is a gayer (he's very sweet and a comedian) himself and camped up the show in a good way.

    They always had good live acts such as the Sugababes or the Pet Shop Boys, so the Scissors would have fit in rather well.



  • At 10:25 AM, Blogger J'ason D'luv said…

    Going backwards:

    Mobius, thanks for those linkes! The only time I've ever watched DWTS was on Wednesday just to see Scissor Sisters. The hosts we have here are tacky. Natasha Bedingfield, I beleive, performed on there last season, and then her song "Unwritten" started to become a huge hit, so that show's getting to be powerful like American Idol as far as exposure for artists. I wish the "I Don't Feel Like Dancin'" clip had been up, instead, because it was just Scissor Sisters without the stupid dancers. Have fun seeing them live! You must email me and tell me about the show :)

    Don Pablo, are they playing in Birmingham, or are you going to Londre to see them?

    Robpop, well, sounds to me like you and your best friend should just sleep togethe already. I can feel the tension all the way over here. Just get him drunk and get it over with... it works for me!... that's why I have so many friends.... well, actually, I really don't... I had to start a blog to make friends... hey, wait a minute!

    XO, hey, you said you were taking the red eye! But you never showed! And I had free tickets....


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