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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Sexy's Back, For God's Sake...Now Hit The Road, Justin Timberlake!

Will we ever truly forgive Justin Timberlake for blocking JoJo's shot at a #1 single? That's a highly unlikely prospect. And look, she's even been shilling "Too Little Too Late" on TRL (above) as if her life depended on it. Oh, just kidding. She looks pretty jazzed, even though Grey's Anatomy's corporate lapdog bitches The Fray knock her down from #3 to #7 on this week's Billboard Hot 100 Singles chart.

What I do like about this picture is that Jesse McCartney, JoJo and Vanessa Hudgens are all like, "That's right Justin, Jessica, Christina and Britney...you're getting older. And we're gonna step on your skulls when you fall." Vanessa Minillo's just like, "Hey, I f***ed Nick Lachey!"

Okay, so it's indeed another week at the top for Justin. Meanwhile, what's up with Beyoncé? In its third week on the chart, "Ring The Alarm" still hasn't gone Top 10. In fact, this week it drops to #14. Further down, John Mayer appears to be the one benefitting from the Jessica Simpson rumors a few weeks back. "Waiting On The World To Change" moves up to #20, while Jessica's album slides to #59 on the album chart. Does anyone actually admit to liking John Mayer though? I mean, really...

Well, Justin's got a second single jumping up the tally, as well. "My Love" is this weeks Airplay Gainer, at #25. I like how he tries to be all Michael Jackson with the falsetto in that song, but instead sounds like that trannie Emily Howard from Little Britain. Nelly Furtado earns her second Top 40 single off Loose this week, as "Maneater" leaps up from #62 to #37. We've pretty much flip-flopped Nelly singles with the UK, since "Maneater" spent a chunk of the summer at #1 over there, and "Promiscuous" is just now in their Top 10.

Finally, Disney scamps Aly & AJ creep up to #50 with "Chemicals React." Their label took so long to put this one on iTunes that I'm wondering if they missed the window of opportunity for it to become a hit.

The U.S. Top 10:

1. "SexyBack" - Justin Timberlake *5 weeks*
2. "Money Maker" - Ludacris feat. Pharrell
3. "How To Save A Life" - The Fray *sales gainer*
4. "London Bridge" - Fergie
5. "Lips Of An Angel" - Hinder
6. "Chasing Cars" - Snow Patrol
7. "Too Little Too Late" - JoJo
8. "Chain Hang Low" - Jibbs
9. "Pullin' Me Back" - Chingy feat. Tyrese
10. "Buttons" - Pussycat Dolls feat. Snoop Dogg

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  • At 1:28 PM, Blogger PinkieDust said…

    Just thought I'd let Moogaboo/J'ason know that the Pinkie will be chaving it up down...upper street tonight! Not only is this street the namesake and place that saw the rebirth of a many boyband member(sigh Lee..) but also was the site where 5ive/4our relaunched themselves after the original place(the scala)saw a murder take place a few nights beforehand.

    RAR! I'm walking the streets of the famous I am!

  • At 1:43 PM, Blogger Paul said…

    be careful on upper street! I once got mistaken for a cheap whore there once and i can't reveal any more of that story.

    Boo to the mishandling of aly and aj i say BOO!

    can i confess that i am a sucker for any music from Grey's Anatomy - see my post later today and try not to hate me forever....

  • At 3:56 PM, Blogger J'ason D'luv said…

    Paul, don't try to be all coy and secretive... we know you were a boy hooker 'til DazPanzyDivision made you an honest woman.

    Pinkie... I like when you RAR! me. It gives me a GRRRRRR! in my OOOOSH!

    Aly & AJ... yeah, that was a bungle by the label. Who knows, it could still eventually become a hit, but they shoulda put the MP3 up for download in June or July... at this point, everyone's already had it illegally for months, and the novelty's worn off for the song.

  • At 4:50 PM, Blogger MoogaBoo said…

    Get pix!

  • At 7:35 PM, Anonymous O Is For Orangutan said…

    Man, Jesse McCartney already looks so grown up from his Dreamstreet days. I used to subscribe to "Pop Star" magazine and once was so embarassed on the train when I opened up a new issue that featured a shirtless spread of Jesse and the rest of the pre-pubescent Dreamstreet boys. I quickly put it away before anyone thought I was looking at kiddie porn!


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