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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

H Steps Out

Gosh, you blink these days and another fruitcake comes out in the world of pop music. This time it's former Steps crooner, Ian "H" Watkins.

Thanks to Chart Rigger reader Orangutan -- who'd actually abandoned us for a while (Whore!!!!) -- for pointing out The Sun's feature on H coming out just as his stint on Britain's Celebrity Big Brother is beginning.

Reading the article, it all becomes clear why H & Claire broke up Steps back in December of '01 (Whores!!!). Apparently, H was bangin' Steps' manager, Tim Byrne (Yummmm!!!!)...

...and so we can just imagine Tim whispering things like, "I'll make you a solo star, love bug. Now pass the peanut butter and the broom handle."

But with all these people that've revealed their gayness -- Lance Bass, Darren Hayes, H -- are we the only ones who are like, DUH!!!?

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