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Saturday, March 31, 2007

Crashing Satellites And Charity Albums: Just Another Day For The Pet Shop Boys

Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe, along with the entire Pet Shop Boys tour crew, missed having their plane from Chile to New Zealand hit by pieces of a disintegrating Russian satellite Tuesday night, according to The New Zealand Herald and the Boys' official site. The article said their aircraft was within about 40 seconds from potential catastrophe, and that the pilot heard the roar as the debris broke the sound barrier. Typically, the sleeping PSBs were "unaware of the drama."

In the meantime, members of the Pet Shop Boys fan forum Tennant-Lowe.com are close to finalizing an album of original music by artists inspired by Chris and Neil's output over the years. Like the calendar they organized last year, sales of the CD, titled Philanthropy, will benefit the British charity Kids First. As of now, they're looking for a label to distribute the album by the summer, so if anyone has a lead, give them a shout.

Here are clips of just two of the standout tracks off Philanthropy:

* "Music In The Subway" by Chris Kalera
* "Drama Queen" by Nathan Heinze

"Drama Queen" is apparently owned by Boy George. The forum is currently negotiating with him, I'm told, to get this track on the album. You can hear more clips here and on this MySpace.

Pet Shop Boys are in our new poll, in the sidebar!


Friday, March 30, 2007

Poll Results: Beyoncé And Shakira's Duet... WTF?

On one hand, ideally you'd expect something spectacular from "Beautiful Liar," a duet by curvey divas Beyoncé and Shakira. But then on the other hand... it's a duet by curvey divas Beyoncé and Shakira. History is littered with these throwaway, made-to-make-money meetings of the ego -- Michael and Janet Jackson's "Scream," whatever that one was by Whitney and Mariah from that flop animation movie, whatever that one was by Whitney and Bobby Brown, whatever that one was by Whitney and Enrique Iglesias and whatever that one was by Whitney and George Michael.

Anyway, "Beautiful Liar" won our "What's The Biggest WTF In Pop Music Right Now?" poll with 13 of the 44 votes cast. I'm just irked by the fact that Shakira might get another #1 out the deal.

The rest of the poll results:

2. Mika...period. (8 votes)
3. Timbaland/Nelly Furtado/Justin Timbalake "Give It To Me" (7 votes)
4-5. Jeffree Star's EP/Robyn "Knonichiwa Bitches" (6 votes each)
6. Amy Winehouse "Rehab" (4 votes)

For the new poll up now in the sidebar, though these may not have been the selected artists best albums, they contained tracks that, in many folks' eyes, are memorable pop classics. Which one do you think most deserved to have gotten a single release?

A*Teens "Closer To Perfection," from 2002's Pop 'Til You Drop!

Britney Spears "What U See (Is What U Get)," from 2000's Oops!...I Did It Again

Dannii Minogue "Love Fight," from 2006's The Hits & Beyond

Pet Shop Boys "Integral," from 2006's Fundamental

Rachel Stevens "I Will Be There," from 2005's Come And Get It

Spice Girls "Tell Me Why," from 2000's Forever

Vote now in the poll up in the sidebar!

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Thursday, March 29, 2007

One Of Akon's 423 Current Singles Hits #1

I have to laugh, because last weekend when MoogaBoo and I were banterviewing about Scooch, somehow Akon came up, so we went off on him for a bit. But then I said, "Oh, he'll probably go to #1 next week with one single or another, so let's just save that bit." And, here we have it; "Don't Matter" is this week's top song on the Billboard Hot 100 Singles chart. In the past four months he's been in the Top 10 with collaboration singles with Snoop Dogg, Eminem and Gwen Stefani, but this is his first one flying solo in that time.

Speaking of Gwen, you know The Sweet Escape (the album) must be in the shitcan when she ended up schlepping two nights in a row on American Idol, dragging Akon along for a live performance. Oh, I kid, of course. Idol is a ratings juggernaught, and what pop star would turn down the opportunity for that kind of publicity (especially when they start touring in April, and ticket sales are so-so)? But thank Christ for Sanjaya Malakar. He may be the worst singer, but that by default makes him the only remotely interesting Idol this year.

Here's the clip of of Gwen and Akon. Not sure if she wasn't feeling well or what, but she sounds like she just swallowed Sanjaya's wig.

And just when you're lamenting the fact that there hasn't been an old-school superstar duet in years, along comes Beyoncé and Shakira's "Beautiful Liar." Unfortunately, it's a bit more Madonna and Britney than Barbra and Donna for my taste, but they've no doubt broken some record or other by jumping from #94 to #3 this week.

Finally, Pink scores a belated second Top 20 hit as "U + Ur Hand" moves 10 spots to #19, and -- Simon Cowell! Stop!!! Pull Katharine McPhee out of the recycle bin! "Over It" has finally moved into the Top 40, jumping 20 positions to #29 to become this week's Sales Gainer on the chart.

The U.S. Top 10:

1. "Don't Matter" - Akon *1 week* *airplay gainer*
2. "Glamorous" - Fergie feat. Ludacris
3. "Beautiful Liar" - Beyoncé & Shakira
4. "This Is Why I'm Hot" - Mims
5. "Cupid's Chokehold" - Gym Class Heroes feat. Patrick Stump
6. "The Sweet Escape" - Gwen Stefani feat. Akon
7. "Girlfriend" - Avril Lavigne
8. "Throw Some D's" - Rich Boy feat. Polow Da Don
9. "What Goes Around...Comes Around" - Justin Timberlake
10. "It's Not Over" - Daughtry

Last day to vote in the WTF poll, in the sidebar.

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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

No News Shaping Up To Be Good News For Stock Aitken Waterman?

For the first time in months, PWL Studios updated their site yesterday with news of the long-incubating Stock Aitken Waterman reunion first announced in late 2005. This is the message they posted:

"www.pwl-empire.com can confirm that the boys have recently been in the studios together and HAVE recorded a brand new track! Although further details of this project can't be released at this current time we thought that you'd all like to be the first to hear this fantastic news! Please keep checking back for updates on this breaking news story as, and when, we get them! Remember, this site is the only place where you can get officially-confirmed information about the latest phase of the Stock Aitken Waterman reunion!"

Meanwhile, Mobius has the scoop on his site that both Pete Burns and B.W.O.'s Alexander Bard have been popping in at PWL recently.


The Bravery Get Their Recompense

Oh, how a good Sam Endicott / Brandon Flowers verbal catfight inspired one write-up after another here in the early days of Chart Rigger...

But as The Bravery failed to ignite much interest after a promising Top 20 U.S. album debut in spring 2005, and Top 10 single in England earlier that year, The Killers went on to stake their winning claim on the hearts of those who like their fey indie/pop bands slathered in glittering eyeliner.

However, during the past two years, Endicott and Co. have busied themselves working on their sophomore album while The Killers busied themselves with jamming Brandon Flowers' delusions of grandeur up all four of their asses and watching their frontman generate the type of bad will toward others that would make George W. Bush loving open his arms and call him "son."

So, on to The Bravery's new single, "Time Won't Let Me Go" (added to iTunes yesterday): The band have clearly ditched the retro-'80s gimmickry of yore, which they want you to know right off the bat...the opening strains of "Time..." echo those of "Tyrant," a moody new wave dirge off their debut album. It only lasts for a second, though, as Matchbox Twenty-type guitar riffs wail in and take over. That's surprisingly not bad thing, though! Sam typically whines the lyrics, working the reverb to the hilt, and what we get is a memorable rock ballad, not unlike Third Eye Blind's "How's It's Gonna Be" (has it really been 10 years since that was out?) with thankfully enough pop hooks that beg repeated listens -- something The Killers seem to have fatally forgotten about.

As a sidenote, I dug out The Bravery's first album last month and have been playing it regularly since then. Much unlike Sam's Town, it's held up over time as the dust of media hype has settled.

The Bravery's new album is out May 22. "Time Won't Let Me Go" is up now for download on iTunes.

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Monday, March 26, 2007

Hilary Duff's Dignity: 2007's First Great Pop Album

Screw the boring Mika hype, forget the cheap, slapped-together trill of Katharine McPhee and throw your Amy Winehouse onto the fire.

It's no joke, kids; D'luv is fessing up and declaring that Hilary Duff -- one of Chart Rigger's fave starlets to diss in the early days -- has put out the first slam-dunk set of pop wizardry this year. I'd compare Dignity to Gwen Stefani's Love. Angel. Music. Baby., but that album had a few clunkers. This one does not. Every Kylie-worthy track here is a winner, which is a rarity these days...an actual CD you'll stick with from start to finish.

Hilary co-wrote 13 of the 14 songs along with writer/producers who understood and nurtured her teen-pop sensibilities rather than tried to sex her up into some whored-out, Hip-hop Pussycat slut.

The sheer enjoyability of Dignity really can't be over-emphasized. The standouts are:

"Never Stop": It's 1985 and you're roller-skating on an electric-blue boardwalk at a sun-drenched beach with your headphones on and a red popsicle in hand...or at least that's how this choon (with hints of Thompson Twins' "If You Were Here," which you'll know if you ever watched the last scene of Sixteen Candles) makes you feel.

"Danger": Duff rebuffs an older gent trying to put the moves on her in this disco gem -- pointing out "the hundred girls you've had over time." Hmmm, Robbie Williams was born in '74...

"Outside Of You": The melody of the chorus is pure bliss and everything the rest of today's pop stars should be trying to achieve if they weren't so preoccupied with hiring boring hacks like Scott Storch and Pharrel.

"Happy": Ditto with this one. It's a post-breakup respect anthem that starts out with sleek electro-guitar riffs, then breaks into a Lisa Lisa/Debbie Deb freestyle stomper. It's followed by the similar-sounding Debbie D.-esque "Burned."

"Dreamer": Hil hums the melody of Depeche Mode's "Just Can't Get Enough" over an '80s synth pastiche that Gwen only wishes she netted for The Sweet Escape.

Trust me, if you've been lamenting the state of good old-fashioned fun pop, give the Duff a chance. There are definitely worse things you could spend your ten bucks on. Whereas most of her contemporaries have fallen victim to trashy tabloid affairs, divorces and rehab stints, 19-year-old Hilary has maintained a low profile, written a surprisingly smashing and relevant album and, ultimately, kept her dignity.

Dignity is out next Tuesday, April 3.

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Sunday, March 25, 2007

It's A Charity Single Flip-Flop In The U.K.

The Pete Kay and Matt Lucas take on The Proclaimers' classic "(I'm Gonna Be) 500 Miles" knocks fellow charity single "Walk This Way" from #1 this week on the official British singles chart. The former made a strong debut last week at #3 based on paid digital downloads alone. Nice for charity, but for bland for the ears.

It was a brief, though still impressive, one-week stay in the lower Top 10 for Kylie Minogue's new ingenue Calvin Harris, whose "Acceptable In The 80s" falls six places to #16. It's also worth noting that Ghosts' "Stay The Night," a rad slice of pop-rock, is sitting snug down at #25. Check out the video here.

The U.K. Top 10:

1. "(I'm Gonna Be) 500 Miles" - The Proclaimers *1 week*
2. "Walk This Way" - Sugbabes vs. Girls Aloud
3. "Girlfriend" - Avril Lavigne *new*
4. "The Sweet Escape" - Gwen Stefani feat. Akon
5. "Destination Calabria" - Alex Gaudino feat. Crystal Waters
6. "How To Save A Life" - The Fray
7. "Shine" - Take That
8. "Ruby" - Kaiser Chiefs
9. "Our Velocity" - Maximo Park *new*
10. "Glamorous" - Fergie feat. Ludacris

New poll up now in the sidebar.

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Saturday, March 24, 2007

Banterview: There's No Pop Justice For Scooch

Much to the horror of some supposed pop fans, Britain made it's mind up and is sending cheeseball foursome Scooch to Eurovision.

MOOGABOO: So, do we really think Scooch have a chance of resurrecting their career with Eurovision?

J'ASON D'LUV: "Flying The Flag (For You)" is #30 already on U.K. iTunes, That's not great, but once the CD single is released in a couple weeks, it should at least guarantee they go to #38 on the U.K. chart. That's like going quadruple platinum compared to how their 2000 album Four Sure did.

M: I'm blasting said album for the first time in years. I forgot how good it is.

JD: There are some great choons on there. So, David Ducasse, the queen doing all the "Flying The Flag" flight-attendant innuendo one-liners -- "Would you like something to SUCK on for landing, SIR?" -- he's the one Mike Stock got pregnant, right?

M: I did think those kitschy asides were a bit unnecessary, but then, I'm in my thirties.

JD: Speaking of unnecessary, lead singer Natalie Powers' website, which I have never visited, mind you, has been promising every month for five years that she's "in the studio." I expect she'll finally put out a 10-disc box set around Christmas 2009.

M: Here's the big question regarding Eurovision: Why Scooch, when there are so many younger, prettier, more relevant starlets they could have plugged into the prefab equation? Or did they dent the culture more significantly than I imagined back in 2000?

JD: I actually feel like Scooch never stood out seven years ago because they were just a cheap copy of Steps in an already over-saturated market of better bubblegum groups. But now they sound downright revolutionary, since there's nothing else around that's pure pop at the moment. But, to answer your question, most acts probably feel they'd be tainting their credible legacy by slumming at Eurovision. God, Lolly can be such a snob.

M: Well, once you go acoustic, it's hard to turn back.

JD: I remember hearing somewhere Natalie Powers actually secretly did the main vocals on "The Fast Food Song."

M: I heard that, too. Now, Fast Food Rockers -- there's a group I wouldn't be surprised to see doing Eurovision. They must be steamed that they were passed over.

JD: FFR's usual fee of a warm bed and a box of thin mints would be a bit steep for any producer to take on. Getting Scooch was probably like finding a Van Gogh at a swap meet.

M: Plus, I think I read that Scooch will do their own hair and makeup.

JD: Oh, yeah...David probably has his own Caboodle case and does all their hair and makeup.

M: Is Mike Stock behind "Flying The Flag"?

JD: No, the blond guy, Russ Spencer, wrote it with Morten Schjolin, Andrew Hill and Paul Tarry. Last I heard, Mike Stock was briefly whoring his reputation to some star-maker scheme called IShouldBeSoLucky.com, where young hopefuls pay a fee and get insider advice from "real professionals." His name was curiously removed from the site a few months after it went up.

M: Wow. Just when you think the former members of S/A/W can't sink any lower (see: The Fat Cowboy), they manage to pull one out and surprise you. Well, Scooch have created a storm over at the Pop Justice forum...

JD: Oh, did I ever tell you I've finally been un-banned from that place? I must be losing my edge. I originally got booted for arguing with some guy we'll call "Jerkland" about Christina Aguilera. He was going on about how superior her crappy flop double-CD was going to be, and I told him she was a dried-out tuna funnel.

M: When the Scooch news broke, Jerkland started a thread entitled What Pop Should Be About, then proceeded to declare earnestly, "I have a talent for getting reactions out of people! It's going to help in the long run for me." It was so pompous! But not entirely out of character for him, or the site in general.

JD: I always liked Pop Justice until the brief one- or two-week period I stepped into the forum and looked into the eyes of a hundred dark, bitter souls who I imagine sit around in their pajamas furiously typing about Cheryl Tweedy's secret solo career plans with one finger, while chain-smoking with the other four. Then the mailman comes and brings them their unemployment check, but they're too busy arguing with each other endlessly in a thread about Mutya's new bangs to go cash it.

M: You've made them sound far too interesting. The ongoing backbiting and gang fighting over Rachel Stevens is really something to behold. And then there are the ones who seem like they just read about Andy Warhol in their sophomore art class and babble on for pages about how important this or that pop record is. Ah, to relive those days when you were too young to know you're trite....

JD: Poor Mr. PJ really doesn't have control over the denizens of that forum who bubble and writhe like bloodthirsty piranha in the depths of the Amazon, and I can't blame him personally for me getting banned. Forums take on a life of their own, and maybe he feels like Dr. Moreau, waiting for pop justice to eat itself.

M: The site now seems to have an aversion to anything that isn't edgy. And really, that's fine. But they frequently remind me of my punk-loving older brother writing "STACEY Q SUCKS" on a piece of masking tape and sticking it to the back of my jacket in junior high. Know what I mean?

JD: It really is a massive ball of pointless, negative energy for anything that isn't Amy Winehouse. Where's the justice in that?

M: In Amy's publicist's bank account?

JD: Oh, well. Scooch will always have a home here...albeit one where they get slapped around a little if they don't eat all their vegetables.

M: Yes, Chart Rigger is the Ellis Island of discarded pop survivors. But in the end, what happened to PJ could happen to CR. Thank goodness we have our regular fans and commentors to keep us grounded.

JD: Indeed. Wait...which one of us is the fan and which one is the commentor?

"Flying The Flag (For You)" is available in most territories on iTunes.

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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Poll Results: Rihanna & Hilary Duff Most Likely To Outlast Their Contemporaries

I kept the latest poll up a day extra, since the poll site was being a bit wonky yesterday and it wouldn't show up here for some reason.

But, the final results to the Which of today's young pop starlets will blossom into tomorrow's powerhouse divas in 10 years time? survey shows that you all think Rihanna and Hilary Duff are the likely choices. They each received 10 votes out of the 49 total cast. Alas, only time will tell for these budding tarts.

Male crooner Chris Brown was thrown in as a joke, but he surprisingly came in second place, tying with Leona Lewis.

Below are the rest of the results:

2-3. Chris Brown / Leona Lewis (9 votes each)
4. Ashley Tisdale (7 votes)
5. Ashlee Simpson (4 votes)

Brand new poll up now in the sidebar.

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Hilary Duff Gets Some Love On The Pop Chart

Bless these marketing-savvy tween stars and their cross-promotion. Hilary Duff, who recently launched her own fragrance called With Love, sees her same-titled single land the Hot Shot Debut at #42 this week on the Billboard Hot 100 Singles chart. This has less to do with major radio airplay and more to do with "With Love" being free when her album Dignity is pre-order-downloaded from iTunes. Katharine McPhee re-enters the Top 50 a few positions down at #49 with "Over It."

One single that is getting long-overdue airplay is "U + Ur Hand" by P!nk, which is up seven places to #29. On the album chart, Amy Winehouse makes an impressive Stateside debut at #7 with Back To Black. Back on the Hot 100, Amy's "You Know I'm No Good" enters at #90 with "Rehab" also debuting one notch below.

And so much for the short-lived pop-infused Top 10 -- this week it seems it's back to being crowded with cookie-cutter R&B again.

The U.S. Top 10:

1. "Glamorous" - Fergie feat. Ludacris *2 weeks*
2. "This Is Why I'm Hot" - Mims
3. "Don't Matter" - Akon *airplay gainer*
4. "Cupid's Chokehold" - Gym Class Heroes feat. Patrick Stump
5. "The Sweet Escape" - Gwen Stefani feat. Akon
6. "Throw Some D's" - Rich Boy feat. Polow Da Don *sales gainer*
7. "It's Not Over" - Daughtry
8. "Girlfriend" - Avril Lavigne
9. "What Goes Around...Comes Around" - Justin Timberlake
10. "This Ain't A Scene, It's An Arms Race" - Fall Out Boy

Last day to vote in the pop starlet poll, in the sidebar.

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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

No More "Live" For Total Request Live?

Gosh, you turn around anymore and once again, another era has ended.

Is it sappy to feel a tug on the ol' heart strings upon seeing the news that MTV's Total Request Live, or TRL, is no longer to be taped entirely live? Surely that must spell out some sort of impending doom for the pop program, which first aired back in September 1998 and was the place for musicians and actors to appear at.

Granted, I haven't watched TRL in about seven years...which is apparently the problem. The show, which has seen viewership take a dive in recent years, is still aired live on Mondays and Wednesdays, but another episode is immediately taped following those broadcasts to be shown the following days, in an effort to save money.

Likely, with more and more people keeping up with pop music at Chart Rigger -- I mean online -- there's no longer the demand for a once-a-day TV show that fills people in.

When I look back on the late '90s and early '00s, it always seemed like TRL was on somewhere in the background -- while having a phone conversation, making dinner, visiting a friend. Like I said, I quit watching when Carson Daly was still the host (and couldn't even name who's on there now), but that nostalgia reflex we all have has me lamenting, Why didn't I ever camp out at Times Square to catch a glimpse of J.C. Chasez's elbow through a window back when I had the chance?

Vote for which pop starlet will still be around in 10 years, in the sidebar.

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Scooch's Winning Song Hits U.S. iTunes

Well, no sooner did I gripe in that last post that there hasn't been anything good put on iTunes lately than I'm forced to eat my words. Saturday's winners to represent the U.K. at Eurovision this year, Scooch have surprisingly seen their "Flying The Flag (For You)" added to the U.S. online store. Meanwhile, a scandal seems to be brewing regarding the foursome's use of backing singers with their win.

Vote for which pop starlet will still be around in 10 years, in the sidebar.

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Cut Above The Rest

Since there's no great new pop out lately (unless the Beyoncé and Shakira duet -- now up on iTunes -- is rockin' your socket), why not go old school with the remastered Bananarama reissues from Warner Bros...

You can't beat the $10.99 price tag for each over at Siren Disc (Thanks, XO, for pointing that out). With an added CD of extra goodies, the six albums were released yesterday (though Deep Sea Skiving and Wow! appear to be back-ordered at Siren).

Vote for which pop starlet will still be around in 10 years, in the sidebar.


Sunday, March 18, 2007

Sugababes & Girls Aloud Take Red Nose #1

It was the battle of the dueling Comic Relief "Red Nose Day" charity singles this week, as Sugababes and Girls Aloud hit the #1 position on the British singles chart with their joint cover of the Aerosmith and Run D.M.C. version of "Walk This Way." Technically, though, their competition -- "(I'm Gonna Be) 500 Miles" by The Proclaimers featuring Peter Kay and Little Britain's Matt Lucas (as his character "Andy Pipkin") -- isn't physically released as a CD single until tomorrow, so it's #3 placing off digital sales alone is quite impressive. The real challenge will be if the "500 Miles" can bump that pack of broads from the top next week.

Despite a steady flow of singles in recent years, you have to go all the way back to November 2004 to find when Girls Aloud last topped the U.K. singles chart, with their (unnecessary) cover of The Pretenders' soppy "I'll Stand By You." Sugbabes last reached #1 with the massive "Push The Button" in October 2005.

As for Scottish twins The Proclaimers, "(I'm Gonna Be) 500 Miles" first charted at #11 in their home country in 1988. Its inclusion on the soundtrack to the 1993 Johnny Depp film Benny & Joon saw the single re-released in the States, where it hit an impressive #3 on the Billboard singles chart.

The U.K. Top 10:

1. "Walk This Way" - Sugbabes vs. Girls Aloud *1 week* *new*
2. "The Sweet Escape" - Gwen Stefani feat. Akon
3. "(I'm Gonna Be) 500 Miles" - The Proclaimers *new*
4. "Shine" - Take That
5. "How To Save A Life" - The Fray
6. "Ruby" - Kaiser Chiefs
7. "Grace Kelly" - Mika
8. "What Goes Around...Comes Around" - Justin Timberlake
9. "The Creeps" - Camille Jones vs. Fedde Le Grand
10. "Acceptable In The 80s" - Calvin Harris

Vote for which pop starlet will still be around in 10 years, in the sidebar.

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Saturday, March 17, 2007

England Makes Its Mind Up, Scooch To Fly The Flag At Eurovision

I am floored...FLOORED...that Scooch won the ticket to represent England in Eurovision today, let alone that they're even back from the dead.

D'luv's always had a strange sixth sense when it comes to this stuff, though. Three months ago yesterday I did a D'luvvly nostalgic post on the pop foursome, who were once producers Mike Stock and Matt Aitken's competition to their former partner Pete Waterman's act, Steps.

Scooch's success peaked in 2000, as they scored a U.K. Top 5 hit that January with vastly underrated pop classic "More Than I Needed To Know," [Video] racked up two more Top 15 hits with "The Best Is Yet To Come" [Video] and "For Sure" and put their one and only album out. Ironically, it was also the same year another former Stock/Aitken artist, Nicki French, represented Britain in Eurovision. [D'luv's interview with Nicki French]

If you've yet to hear "Flying The Flag (For You)," you're missing out on the grandest pop trifle of '07 so far.

WATCH: Scooch doing press junket to promote Eurovision

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Oh, Begorrah!

Happy St. Patrick's Day! Last year I posted a video by Irish rockers Snow Patrol on the green holiday, but was admonished for snubbing B*Witched. So, this year, I'm making up for it with a clip of something two lovely young ladies made called Ghetto "C'est La Vie":


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Thursday, March 15, 2007

The Promise Of A New Royalty Check

This classiness is out May 8 from EMI here in the States.

Going old school, this greatest hits compilation pretty much features all of Paula Abdul's singles in chronological order. Her six U.S. #1 singles will also get a "digital release" (one would assume on iTunes).

Here's the tracklist:

1. Forever Your Girl
2. Straight Up
3. Cold Hearted
4. The Way That You Love Me
5. Knocked Out
6. One Or The Other
7. Opposites Attract
8. Rush, Rush
9. The Promise Of A New Day
10. Blowing Kisses In The Wind
11. Vibeology
12. Bend Time Back Around
13. Will You Marry Me?
14. My Love Is For Real
15. Crazy Cool
16. If I Were Your Girl
17. Ain't Never Gonna Give You Up
18. It's All About Feeling Good

Vote for which pop starlet will still be around in 10 years, in the sidebar.

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Wannabe Chola Fergie Wages Reign Of Terror On America With Another #1

Somehow Khalid Sheikh Mohammed has been detained while Fergie is free to commit identity theft (see: Gwen Stefani) and verbal assault ("London Bridge") on innocents. This week The Dutchess achieves her second solo #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 Singles chart with "Glamorous." Elsewhere, Christina Aguilera squeaks into the Top 40 with "Candyman," up 16 places to #31, and it's better late than never for Pink's "U + Ur Hand," which has finally found life at radio. That single also moves 16 positions to #36.

Notorious B.I.G.'s Greatest Hits tops the album chart, with a so-so sales week of 99,000 copies. D'luv still maintains that Biggie and Tupac are alive and well, holed up in some European mountain resort balancing stacks of cash on the breasts of rapidly gyrating video vixens.

The U.S. Top 10:

1. "Glamorous" - Fergie feat. Ludacris *1 week* *sales gainer*
2. "This Is Why I'm Hot" - Mims
3. "Don't Matter" - Akon *airplay gainer*
4. "The Sweet Escape" - Gwen Stefani feat. Akon
5. "Cupid's Chokehold" - Gym Class Heroes feat. Patrick Stump
6. "This Ain't A Scene, It's An Arms Race" - Fall Out Boy
7. "It's Not Over" - Daughtry
8. "What Goes Around...Comes Around" - Justin Timberlake
9. "Girlfriend" - Avril Lavigne
10. "Say It Right" - Nelly Furtado

Vote for which pop starlet will still be around in 10 years, in the sidebar.

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Ne-Yo Goes Pop

On first listen, the beat and vocals in Ne-Yo's new single "Because Of You" sound like a Michael Jackson homage, a la "Rock With You"...

But then the chorus kicks in and you can almost hear S Club 8 or Steps putting this out back in the day. Like Rihanna last spring and JoJo in the fall, Ne-Yo has snuck up out of nowhere to unleash a bona fide pop classic.


Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Poll Results: "Better The Devil You Know" Shoulda Gone To #1

With a landslide 40 votes, Kylie Minogue's 1990 single "Better The Devil You Know" topped last week's poll on which pop classic from a list of seven should have gone to #1, but failed to, in both the U.S. and U.K.

In Britain, "Better The Devil You Know" was the lead single off Kylie's third album, Rhythm Of Love. Widely considered to be the masterpiece crafted by hitmaking trio Stock Aitken Waterman, the song climbed no higher than #2 in April 1990. Though it's not substantiated, legend has it either Kylie, Pete Waterman or Mike Stock wanted a song that sounded like D-Mob's hit at the time, "C'mon And Get My Love," which featured vocals by Cathy Dennis.

Cathy, of course, would go on to write songs for Kylie's Fever album 11 years later, including "Can't Get You Out Of My Head."

Sadly, Kylie's U.S. label Geffen dropped her after second album Enjoy Yourself didn't yield any hits for the minx. "Better The Devil You Know" did manage to get slapped on the MCA Records soundtrack to the 1991 Richard Grieco epic If Looks Could Kill, where it played alongside tunes by faded '80s one-hit rockers The Outfield, The Fixx and Trixter (hot). Needless to say, the song didn't chart here, and Kylie wouldn't have another American hit till 2002, when "Can't Get You Out Of My Head" peaked at #7.

Here's the video for "Better The Devil You Know," and below it are the rest of the poll results:

2. M People "Moving On Up" (23 votes)
3. *NSync "Bye Bye Bye" (10 votes)
4. Robyn "Show Me Love" (9 votes)
5. Cassie "Me & U" (6 votes)
6-7. Real McCoy "Another Night"/Natasha Bedingfield "Unwritten" (3 votes)

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