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Friday, July 20, 2007

Music Junkie Digest: Robbie Williams Hits The Pavement, New Order Still Together

NME ran a statement from New Order's Bernard Sumner and Stephen Morris that was issued today stating the band has not broken up, despite bassist Peter Hook delcaring otherwise in the spring. In the meantime, Robbie Williams (remember him?) -- who's probably looking for any gig as his solo career slides further toward the dust bin while his former Take That bandmates are on top of the world -- has apparently been in touch with ex-Smiths bassist Andy Rourke to work on Rourke's Freebass supergroup, which, among others, includes none other than Peter Hook as a member.

Anyway, here's what Sumner and Morris had to say:

"After 30 years in a band together we are very disappointed that Hooky has decided to go to the press and announce unilaterally that New Order have split up. We would have hoped that he could have approached us personally first. He does not speak for all the band, therefore we can only assume he no longer wants to be a part of New Order. New Order have NOT split up, they continue to exist".

This time last year, we had lackluster trifles by Jessica Simpson and Gwen Stefani to look forward to in the latter half of 2006, along with derivative albums from The Killers and Scissor Sisters, and a macho opus by Justin Timberlake (by far the best of the bunch). But the late summer/fall stretch is looking a more mature in 2007, with well-it's-about-time releases from Annie Lennox and Darren Hayes piquing the curiosity most.

First off, Annie must be one rich broad. The press release for her Songs Of Mass Destruction (out in October) states that she's sold 78 million records worldwide during her career with Eurythmics and as a solo artist.

She's also won the following in that time:

* 11 Brit Awards
* 4 Grammys
* 5 Ivor Novellos
* 2 Golden Globes
* An Oscar

Songs Of Mass Destruction is produced by Glen Ballard. Hopefully it's a bit less funeral parlor-esque than Bare. The cover art is certainly cheery.


Last month I put up the video for the trasheriffic pop jam "Girl I Told Ya" by Valeria featuring Aria. The song was added to iTunes a few days back as a single, with remixes available from Dave Aude and Trent Cantrelle.

I was gonna include the "making of the video" clip that Interscope threw on YouTube last week, but it seems to have been taken down now.


Finally, so much for the rumor of a double-album from Mariah Carey this fall. I know, dreams shatter so easily...

MTV News reports that song shriekstress left a voicemail message on her website saying she's finished 10 tracks so far for her forthcoming set, and that she's now going to work with Jermaine Dupri on a "stone groove/ smash-hit wonder — or at least a stone groove, hopefully."

More like cement boots, if it's anything like his "work" with Janet Jackson.

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  • At 1:27 PM, Blogger joshua said…

    Exciting Mariah news if she is releasing something by Fall!

    BTW What is a Stone Groove?

  • At 2:10 PM, Anonymous sisters with mouses said…

    To iTunes, Lambs, and get your mouses clicking!!

  • At 4:39 PM, Blogger Paul said…

    mariah looks like she has a dribble of cum running down the middle of what she laughingly calls a dress.

  • At 8:12 PM, Blogger xolondon said…

    LA Reid is not letting Janet's lil dog Dupri anywhere near her CD, thank God. BUT to give Dupri due credit, he wrote and produced one of the top 5 greatest Mariah songs: We Belong Together. Also he produced It's Like That, which is a great song for strippers, but don't ask me why I say that. :)

    A stone groove is a SOLID groove!

  • At 9:41 PM, Anonymous Crack Is Whack said…

    A stone groove is a groove produced while you're stoned.

    Or could be Family Stone-esque.

    Wait... that's the same thing, ainnit?


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