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Friday, October 19, 2007

Ace Of Base? I Always Have And Always Will

This ain't no lie: I've been wanting to write about Ace Of Base since Chart Rigger fluttered to life almost three years ago. Now I'm just tired of waitin'!

You'd think these four would have better things to do than to get married and shoot out kids -- you know, like actually putting out an album! It's been five (!!) years since Da Capo, and no, that shady bargain-bin Platinum Collection hits CD Arista lobbed out four years ago doesn't count.

These cats are interwoven into the fabric of D'luv's formative years -- from driving around during lonely teenage fall nights listening to "All That She Wants," to ditching my uncle's funeral early in January '94 to buy the "The Sign" single at the mall, to a week-long 21-year-old loss of my marbles with a coke-addled mafioso with "Beautiful Life" as the constant backdrop (hey, I was looking for someone to guide me on my way, now and forever).

Can you actually believe there was a time when an act like Ace Of Base had the best-selling album of the year in America (1994, 7 million copies, The Sign)!? I mean, all you Swede-pop-addicted bloggers oughtta have a shrine to these phonetically-challenged mystics next to your cupboard full of Ramen Noodles. If I'm not mistaken, in December 1999 Billboard declared them to be the top-selling foreign act of the 1990s in the U.S.

So where'd they fuck off to? Well, Clive Davis dropped them from Arista after three albums and a greatest hits, they put Da Capo out in certain countries in fall 2002, and have done sporadic live appearances since then inbetween raising individual families.

However, a check of Ace Of Base's rarely-updated website this morning reveals that they've scheduled almost a dozen concerts (their first full ones since 1996) in Russia, Denmark and Lithuania in November and December.

Wikipedia also notes the following:
In a recent interview in Sweden, Jenny Berggren revealed information about the band's future plans. She said there is "a lot" happening in the Ace of Base camp and that "we have to wait and see". The next album is shaping up to be really good; with some good songs, but with no producers or renewed contract as yet.
This gets me kinda giddy. I dunno. I feel like of all the cheese-pop '90s acts to be ashamed of, Ace Of Base kind of transcend that and deserve some props. I, for one, am looking forward to their return. For me, as a group that wrote and produced much of their own material and whose reggae/Europop-hybrid style was often imitated -- plus who launched the career of Max Martin -- they're much, much more relevant to pop than Spice Girls ever were.

Here's to turning up the Base in 2008.

I just wanna be anybody...

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