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Monday, October 22, 2007

Mariah Carey's Wicked Torture Of The Lambs

Who the hell does Mariah Carey think she is? After teasing the lambs with an Interview cover story, her new album has now been pushed back.

The curvy, squealing shrew's new set (rumored to be a double disc) had a December 4 release date, but now MTV reports it's pushed back until at least February. Apparently she's still recording material.

That broad had better get it together, because now her movie Tennessee -- where she plays a waitress named Krystal (yes, with a "K") -- isn't coming out till next year, either. Jeez, doesn't Krystal know she's gonna miss Oscar season? What's really the point, then? Less partying and more working, butterfly!

Krystal's album is apparently called Sweet Soul Odyssey.



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