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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Pin Take That Against A Wall, Push Leona Lewis Out A Window

Jesus, have I spent a lot of time talking about British artists lately...oh, that's right, we killed pop here in the States. Anyway, here's the 2008 Take That calendar. I totally want this. I'm sick of staring at Ashley Tisdale's puss on my '07 HSM one.

Meanwhile, on Monday, Take That's "Rule The World" will finally get a single release in the U.K. The power ballad blows their last single, "I'd Wait For Life," outta the pond, and it's gotten an extra boost from being included on the Stardust soundtrack. Stardust came and went in August (after 10 weeks in U.S. theaters, it's grossed about $38 million, though the budget was $65 million). The film gets a U.K. release Friday.

But these cats ain't too keen on making exciting videos, eh? The least they coulda done was gang bang Jason Orange over a garbage can.

Also out in the U.K. Monday is X Factor ho Leona Lewis' single, "Bleeding Love" -- which, ewwww! with that title. Here's hoping the That keep that hyped-up shrieking pair of breasts from hitting #1.

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