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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Relax, Tweens And Gays With No Lives, Vanessa Hudgens Not Dropped From HSM3

Despite OK! magazine's report floating around that Vanessa Hudgens had been ditched by Disney over leaked pictures of her tuna swamp, that's apparently not the case. A rep for Hudgens told Access Hollywood, “Totally untrue. It is an old rumor. OK! magazine never bothered to fact check with me but they did call Disney who said it wasn’t true, but yet OK! ran it anyway. Apparently OK! magazine was having a slow news day.”

Disney is apparently negotiating with the entire cast for them to return in a third High School Musical feature. I don't know, Vanessa. After that second one sucked hard, careerwise, you'd have probably been better off charging old men ten bucks to watch your showercam...or Zac Efron's.

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