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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Sugababes Hold Britney Spears' Face Down In The Gutter In The U.K.

How about that cover art for the new Britney Spears album, eh, folks? Here's a broad who has arguably been one of the most famous women in the world for the past decade, who's earned tons of cash, and yet she's consistently had the worst album covers for someone of her calbre. I think I slapped together a similar juvenile-looking cover to Blackout for a mixed tape of Real McCoy songs I made back in '97, using torn out pages from a K-Mart flier, a Bedazzler and some rubber cement.

At any rate, this week Britney's "Gimme More" matches its #3 U.S. position in the U.K. Above her, it's a career best for Amy Winehouse, as her collaboration with producer/DJ Mark Ronson, "Valerie," beats the #7 U.K. position of "Rehab," and equals Ronson's #2 placing earlier this year with "Stop Me."

At #13, The Killers' duet with Lou Reed, "Tranquilize," bests their previous two singles, "Bones" and "Read My Mind," which both peaked at #15. Not bad, but it's a far cry from last September's "When You Were Young," which was only held at #2 by Scissor Sisters' "I Don't Feel Like Dancin'." Other than that, it's a fourth week at the top for Sugababes. "About You Now" has now has as long a run at #1 as the 'babes' "Push The Button" did two years ago.

Can we now please get them to come over here?

The U.K. Top 10:

1. "About You Now" - Sugababes *4 weeks*
2. "Valerie" - Mark Ronson feat. Amy Winehouse
3. "Gimme More" - Britney Spears *new*
4. "Goodbye Mr. A" - Hoosiers
5. "Let Me Think About It" - Ida Corr vs. Fedde Le Grand
6. "Apologize" - Timbaland feat. OneRepublic
7. "Happy Ending" - Mika
8. "Uninvited" - Freemasons feat. Bailey Tzuke
9. "Ayo Technology" - 50 Cent feat. Justin Timberlake & Timbaland
10. "No U Hang Up/If That's OK With You" - Shayne Ward

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  • At 4:39 PM, Blogger Paul said…

    ooo yay, i've been refreshing waiting for you to get your post up. I am mortified by Britney's chart placing, i didn't even realise you could buy it over here yet. Good grief. I think that is her on one of the four horses of the apocalypse coming round the corner. Yay for the sugababes, and actually the incredibly and increasingly ace Shayne Ward single for hanging in there! Woo hoo!> Boffable pop stars are back!

    The Hoosiers and Mika are doing shockingly well aren't they? Surely everyone in England owns the Mika album now. And the Hoosiers just crept up from nowhere to shit all over the killers. Still i love little BFlow and the song is lush, not promoted at all so done rather well really.

    On the album chart Roisin gets what i call the Pushing Daisies effect. Bloggers and critics universally spunk a pearl necklace of praise all over them, bringing careers to life (a la Robyn and Darren H also) and then it's the touch of death when the album racks up miniscule first week sales and will probably disappear shortly (a la Robyn and Darren H).

    I am a bit alarmed that Take That only entered at 46 on downloads alone with Rule The World. Yikes! Surely it will climb!

  • At 11:32 PM, Blogger Poster Girl said…

    I could be totally wrong on this, but didn't the Take That song only get released digitally late last week? I know 7Digital was accepting preorders before that, but I didn't think you could actually download it (and then, only one of the versions) until this weekend (I got mine on what would have been Sunday morning in the UK). If that's the case, and it was pretty much just preorder sales, #46 seems pretty impressive. I don't know if that's what happened, though, or how the chart works--do preorders get factored into week of release sales or count towards the actual week the order is made? I don't know/can't remember.

    Anyway, I'd join a campaign to get "About You Now" released here. Still haven't got the album yet, though, I think maybe because I wasn't all that taken with Taller In More Ways as a whole at the time. Maybe a "preview" before I buy situation is called for...

    Speaking of U.S. releases, I still dream of a world where Take That have U.S. success. Probably the same world where the Feeling had several decent-sized U.S. hits. Sigh.

  • At 11:58 PM, Blogger Adem IAR said…

    You can have Amelle & the Other 2 once they've come to Australia. Those bitches need to get their arses into gear if they want people to buy their album down under (came out here on Saturday.)

  • At 11:44 AM, Blogger J'ason D'luv said…

    Paul, PG is right, "Rule The World" was only added to U.K. iTunes over the weekend. Unfortunately, it's currently the second most-downloaded track there, after Leona Lewis. Ugh.

    PG, overall, I think there a a bit too many 'downer' ballads on the Sugababes album, after listening to it for a week. Taller In More Ways took a bit to grow on me, but Change is definitely a better album overall.

    Adem, maybe they have a fear of flying...

  • At 1:42 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    is there a dearth of good photoshop artists doing album covers these days? WTF. in the 80s they made fatty Ann Wilson of Heart look good...and here you can see Britter's arm fat shadow and chubby neck shadow. And that hat? I thought Clothestime went out of business!


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