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Monday, November 05, 2007

The Lurid Story Of Louis Pearlman Begins Unraveling

The November issue of Vanity Fair has an in-depth exposé on jailed boy band svengali, Louis J. Pearlman, titled "Mad About The Boys." According to MTV, the article "not only exhaustively chronicles Pearlman's years of financial shenanigans and tall tales that landed him in his current hot water, it also alleges that Pearlman was a habitual sexual predator — harassing, abusing or worse — the teenage boys in his charge."

Here's a clip of AJ McLean (with Nick Carter) of Backstreet Boys vaguely commenting on the piece to MTV last week:

Rich Cronin of LFO (who had two Top 10 hits in 1999 with "Girl On TV" and "Summer Girls") asserts in the feature that he himself was a victim at the hands of Pearlman, and former singer Phoenix Stone claims Nick Carter was as well.

Carter's mother Jane is quoted as saying "certain things happened." When asked about it by MTV, Nick assumed a seemingly defensive tone and stated the following:

"There's a lot of people who maybe were involved in our stuff in the past who want to take an opportunity maybe because they are a little bitter, you know, maybe because of where they are right now. And they tend to, like, throw us under the bus, you know what I mean? Because of where we are right now. I mean, I'm not naming anybody but ... any attack on any one of us in this group is an attack on the whole entire group...Well, not necessarily an attack, but it does affect the whole entire group. Because we've all gone through stuff together, and it just feels like, it's unfortunate that people have to talk, 'cause they have nothing else to talk about."

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