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Saturday, November 17, 2007

Spice Girls Perform At Victoria's Secret Show, Plus Move Half A Million Albums Off The Bat

Here's a clip of the Spice Girls being interviewed by Entertainment Tonight before peforming at a L.A. Victoria's Secret fashion show last night.

The fivesome apparently lip-synced "Headlines" and "Stop," and the show will be broadcast on CBS on December 4.

And here they are, uh, performing (Ahem!) "Stop" in L.A., which was then broadcast for the BBC's Children In Need charity telethon.

Perhaps they're simply resting their voices for the tour.

Meanwhile, Capitol Records has sold 600,000 copies of the Spice Girls' Greatest Hits to Victoria's Secret outright, though the CDs resold by the store will not be elegible to register on the U.S. Billboard album chart, as Victoria's Secret is not SoundScan enabled like Wal-Mart. The collection is also available on iTunes, and gets a wide American release on January 15.

Two weeks and six days till the L.A. concert!



  • At 4:29 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    God, they are pathetic.

  • At 5:33 AM, Blogger xolondon said…

    Victoria's Secret bought 600,000?! That's insane - they are going to have to give them way in their bags this December!

  • At 2:25 PM, Blogger Yuяi said…

    Didn't know about the lack of SoundScan bit. You'd think, "Gee we sell CDs, so we might need to get hooked up with that" and all. Guess VS is really for dumb broads! :P

  • At 7:27 PM, Blogger Joshua said…

    I WANT the Spice Girls limited edition box set with friendship bracelet. Is that too much to ask? It's $60 if I import it from foreign websites. Boooo :*(


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