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Monday, December 03, 2007

London Times On Spice Girls Show: "Like Something From The Days Of Beatlemania"

The Spice Girls kicked off their global reunion tour last night in Vancouver, and from The Vancouver Sun to the London Times, the show drew raves.

The Times points out that the gals sang live and didn't mime at all. The article also notes that the world tour has sold over 750,000 tickets altogether. Jesus! Multiply that by roughly $100 a ticket and Cha-ching!

Here are a couple highlights from the review:
Colourful, energetic and wildly ambitious, if this was a show intended to "cash in" on past triumphs, they had certainly not stinted on the time, dedication and money that had obviously been spent on designing and mounting it. And despite the ongoing debate about their vocal talents, the Spice Girls didn't mime, from what I could tell sitting in the front row.

The opening sequence of "Spice Up Your Life," "Stop" and "Say You'll Be There," was a bold reminder of the glory days, all instantly familiar songs which they performed with genuine enthusiasm and a neatly choreographed repertoire of dance moves. The pace flagged briefly with "Headlines (Friendship Never Ends)," the rather drab new song which was accompanied by excerpts from its ill-judged promotional video. Then a complete change of costumes and direction brought the brassy music hall routine of "The Lady is a Vamp" into play, an ingeniously arranged song and dance routine which still seemed a little unsteady in the execution. A rearranged uptempo arrangement of "Too Much" raised the kitsch factor by several notches and then came the Spinal Tap moment as they each emerged from a cocoon of white swan's wings and danced around a set of barber's poles while cooing the lovers' refrain of "2 Become 1."

The turning point came with a storming version of "Who Do You Think You Are," which saw the return of Ginger's iconic Union Flag mini-dress, albeit a new, spangled version rather than the original. From there they ratcheted up the glamour and excitement with every successive number. Melanie B wielded a bullwhip with fearsome expertise as she performed a version of Lenny Kravitz's "Are You Gonna Go My Way." Melanie C took command of her rave anthem "I Turn To You" and Emma Bunton gave a bouncy rendition of her hit "Maybe."

NME has printed the full song list from last night's concert. And hurrah for doing some of the more successful solo songs from the girls, too!

'Spice Up Your Life'
INFORMAL TALK (during 'Stop' outro)
'Say You'll Be There'
TALK (Intro 'Headlines')
'Headlines (Friendship Never Ends)'

'Lady Is A Vamp'
'Too Much Segue' (INFORMAL TALK)
'Too Much'
'2 Become 1'

'Who Do You Think You Are' (extended) (feat. Victoria Beckham)
'Are You Gonna Go My Way' (feat. Mel Brown)
'Maybe' (feat. Emma Bunton)
'Cape Dance Segue/Viva Forever'
VIDEO ('Thunderstorm')
'It's Raining Men' (feat. Geri Halliwell)
'I Turn To You' (feat. Mel C)

'Let Love Lead The Way'
'Celebration Medley'
'Goodbye' (w/ extended musical outro)

'Humpty Dance' (Dance Segue)/'If U Can't Dance'
'Spice Up Your Life' (Reprise)

Woo hoo! Four more days till L.A. Spice!

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  • At 3:03 PM, Blogger Joshua said…

    TOMORROW NIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I've been spoiling myself on Spice girls forums and watching illegal bootleg youtube clips of the concert - I am SO bad.

    Unfortunately, no one has the uptempo Too Much yet! Arch, I really want to know how that's going to sound.

    And this part?
    "as they each emerged from a cocoon of white swan's wings and danced around a set of barber's poles while cooing the lovers' refrain of "2 Become 1."
    Looks to be as gay as it sounds by the clips I saw!!


  • At 3:07 PM, Blogger Joshua said…

    BTW, from how it sounds, the fever pitch at the merchandise section was greater and more violent than Black Friday at the Wal-Mart in Oakland, so if I were you, I'd maybe get there earlier if you're interested in some memorabilia!

  • At 6:10 PM, Anonymous Countess Reynaga del Marcus said…

    Isn't EVERY Friday "Black" in Oakland…okay?!?!

  • At 9:14 AM, Blogger El MarvelOso said…

    Wish I was going. I'm really glad that Emma got to sing "Maybe". Great song.

    But I see that there was no Posh solo material. Not even "Let Your Head Go"!

  • At 9:35 AM, Blogger J'ason D'luv said…

    Joshua, quit sneaking on YouTube!! Okay, well, while you're at it, did you catch the clip of Posh strutting down the runway talking on her cell phone with a cape on while "Supermodel" played in the background?

    I'm buying one of everything at the merchandise counter, so my kids can one day open the Spice Time Capsule and then go see the old broads on their 50th anniversary tour.

    Countess, everyday's Christmas with your mom.

    El Marv, I know! And I'm looking forward to hearing Mel C do "I Turn To You," too. She's doing an acoustic solo show here in L.A. Thursday, the night between the two Spice GIrls concert dates... it's sold out, and I unfortunately have another event to attend anyway. Well, plus, acoustic...

    I just watched the "Let Your Head Go" video last night! YOu know, I used to have that single, but couldn't find it earlier this year when I was looking for it...

  • At 2:38 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    ing on Friday and I'll see you there!

  • At 5:22 PM, Blogger El MarvelOso said…

    j'ason, if you want the file, let me know!

  • At 9:04 PM, Blogger J'ason D'luv said…

    Anonymous, okay! I'm sure I'll be able to pick you out from the crowd :P

    El Marv, that would be marv!!


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