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Sunday, January 20, 2008

First Pics From The New X-Files Flick!

The only thing more exciting than '08 being a year we elect a new a President is that Mulder and Scully will finally be back together on screen this July! Here are the first pics from the set of the X-Files 2 film.

Yowza! Some guys just age really well. Oh, and David Duchovny looks good, too. But screw the Sex & The City movie -- seeing these two back in action makes my heart go pitter-pat!

Meanwhile, Gillian Anderson is now the new host for Masterpiece Theater on PBS. Wouldn't it be kinda hot if, during one of her intro monologues, a UFO flew out of her haunted box? Then she could be all like, "Sorry, this happens all the time..."

X-Files 2 began filming last month, and is due in theaters on July 25.

Thanks to my buddy Michael for pointing out these pics on Popoholic!

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