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Friday, January 04, 2008

Janet's "Feedback": Now Where Have We Heard This Before?

Janet Jackson's new single "Feedback" appears to be selling somewhat well since it was made available on U.S. iTunes last week.

Perhaps Miss Jackson's good fortune is due to the single's artwork -- the above shot that appears to be an untouched paparazzi candid of the singer sauntering into the grocery store on a random Tuesday afternoon... as opposed to this one of her at a press junket for her last album in 2006:

Why, yes, Janet, there does appear to be a mechanical palmetto bug climbing up your butt.

"Feedback" [clip here] is currently #26 on the iTunes Top 100 Songs -- not bad considering the Kilimanjaro-sized pile of unsold copies of 20 Y.O. is currently being ground down by Rubbermaid to make garbage pails.

But speaking of recycling, does anyone else think Lisa Scott-Lee probably dropped her bottle of Paxil when she heard "Feedback"?

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