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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Entertainment Weekly Is Nasty, Miss Jackson

Chyldren of Janet, you might want to shield your tender eyes whilst perusing the new issue of Entertainment Weekly: "It's more agony than ecstasy on Discipline, the star's latest effort," EW warns. Damita no!! Surely, after 20 Y.O. saw some diehard JJ fans down gallons of Ajax in tortured shame over the diva's bland output, she wouldn't dare let them down again.

Here's what the rag has to say:
If you thought the 41-year-old Jackson, not unlike Madonna and Prince, would drop the nympho schtick and embrace more age-appropriate songwriting and production instead of competing with the Beyoncés and Rihannas of today...you'd be wrong.

...Jackson scuttles the maturing process and regresses even further to the creepy, X-rated lyrics that weighed down 2004's Damito Jo.

Only a few midtempo grooves ("Curtains") and schmaltzy ballads ("Never Letchu Go") are thrown into the mix, leaving Discipline heavy on forced, forgettable dance cuts (like "The 1," featuring Missy Elliott). Indeed, though Jackson boasts in "Feedback" that her swagger is "heavy like a first day period," it's more like a bloody mess.
Speaking of which, Rolling Stone has news about the new Madonna record, after being previewed five of the album's tracks:
The new album takes a few steps away from the hyper-polished future disco of Confessions toward a more urban-oriented, thumpy funk, featuring production by Timbaland and Pharrell, as well as collaborations with Justin Timberlake. Danja says he worked on the album in London, and that Madonna indicated “she just wanted uptempo, dance, club [sounds] and everything to have a hip-hop underlining.” He adds that Madonna was easy-going and frequently in the studio putting in long hours alongside himself, Timbaland and Timberlake: “She would come in and sit in her chair in the corner and just vibe with us.”
Read the full Janet Jackson review here and Madonna article here.

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