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Monday, March 10, 2008

Any L.O.V.E. For Ashlee Simpson's New Album?

This is either the hands-down worst album cover of all time or the best...but either way, Trashlee needs to give Pete Wentz his hoodie back.

I'm so torn on what to think about this gem. I'd try to picture it in my CD collection, to see how the artwork holds up against that of truly classic albums -- you know, like Elton John's Goodbye Yellow Brick Road and Angelyne's Driven To Fantasy -- but let's be honest, what CD collection? If I can't illegally download it, it ain't getting listened to!

Oh, just kidding. Everyone should totally pay for music, so folks like Ashlee can continue to hire their 11-year-old cousin to design their album sleeves by using a polaroid, some Crayolas and a bloody snot rag.

Bittersweet World's release date is April 22. It was probably a bittersweet screechfest for Trashlee when the first single, "Out Of My Head (Ay Ya Ya)," peaked at #21...on the Bubbling Under chart!

Hopefully Timbaland didn't cost too much. Second single, "Little Miss Obsessive," is available on iTunes tomorrow.

* After Hacking Her Nose Off, Ashlee Simpson Made Some New Music



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