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Monday, March 24, 2008

The Woman Inside Clay Aiken Is Playing Atari


Not content to sit back while all the other big ladies of pop release new albums this spring, Clay Aiken will unleash third studio album On My Way Here May 6, two days after his run in Broadway's Spamalot ends.

But these days, it's a new, softer D'luv. Whereas I'm learning to like Girls Aloud after releasing two decent singles, I'm also loving Clay's new look. I think Futuristic Space Lesbian is really going to be "in" this year.

Clay now totally looks like this old broad Irma that lived across the street when I was a kid. Yeah, she's dead now. Irma let me come over and play Pitfall on her Atari. I was pretty hot at it, and even turned it over one time!

But enough about this mincing, feather-wigged carrot top! Here's a shameless new Chart Rigger promo clip!

* The Clay Aiken Banterview: Not Even The Claymates Can Deny Clay Aiken's New CD Sucks Out Loud

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