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Friday, April 25, 2008

Mariah Will Cut A Backup Singer Bitch!

Photo courtesy of DListed.

My mom e-mailed this morning, reminding me Mariah Carey was hauling her TrimSpa'd thighs onto Good Morning America to belt out her latest McSingles, and now I'm sorry I missed it -- but thank God for DListed and YouTube!

As you can see in the clip below (starting at about 3:00 in), something very bad happened wherein Mariah's backup singer belted out the diva's lead part, and the wicked wrath of Mimi was unleashed with violent fury!

MC turns and glares at her, then adlibs, "Stop singin' my part, baby!" over the song. At the end, just before she likely handed the shamed backing lamb her ticket to the slaughter, Mariah snidely says to the crowd, "A little creative....Chyna brings something new to the moment everytime."

It's been quite a wash for the Queen Lamb this morning. She was also supposed to appear on Live With Regis And Kelly, but her time apparently got cut because of news of the verdict in the Sean Bell case.

I'd fire that backing singer broad, too, though. Mariah was clearly thrown, and sounded like she had a Gucci thong stuck in her throat.

UPDATE: I've watched this clip way too many times now, and it sounds like maybe she does say "Tryin' to bring something..." instead of "Chyna brings something..." Sigh. Plus, that beginning part where Mariah's off with the backing track is paaaainful. Oh well. Her tits look great.



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