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Saturday, April 26, 2008

The Week That Was: April 26, 2008

This is the cover of that Eurodance compilation I mentioned in the Rage, "Run To You" Throwback post from earlier this week. I couldn't find a decent image online, so I just took my own damn one.

Big thanks (and Happy Birthday!) to Adem for also turning me on to Felix's "It Will Make You Crazy," an old Deconstruction label dance jam from '93. The cover art for that single is extremely classy. Mmmmm...tuna.

* FizzyPop Paul's having a shit week, but has Pete Waterman news.
* Poster Girl is speaking in tongues. And it's kind of hot.
* XO put up a pic of "Stop Me" singer Daniel Merriweather. Again, hot.
* I collab'd on a crap albums list with MySpace publicist Sir Pabz.
* Pop Trash Addicts is on fire this (and every) week.
* You'll never guess what country RobPop's latest obsession is from.
* I highlighted Midnight Juggernauts in a Towleroad Coachella preview.
* MuuMuse Brad called Fergie a whore, so I'd probably sexy him.
* It's a Dark Knight at So, And Thus...
* M.I.A.: Pop Laundromat.

That's that. I'm off to fry in the desert. xx

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