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Saturday, June 28, 2008

The George Michael Concert: All I Wanted To Hear Was "Freedom '90"

Caught George Michael at The Forum here in L.A. on Wednesday. As you can see, I was front row, center...

By George, it was a fan-effing-tastic show, too. He did most of his solo and Wham! hits, except for "Wake Me Up," "Monkey" and "I Want Your Sex." Nor did we hear the Aretha Franklin duet, "I Knew You Were Waiting (For Me)."

Surely they could've projected that fat bitch on the screen!

Highlights for D'luv were "Fastlove," "Praying For Time" and "Careless Whisper," the latter of which GM held the mic out to the audience for every other line, who ecstatically yelled the lyrics back to him throughout the giant auditorium. (George comically admitted earlier on, "I'm an old man and I can't hit the high notes.") But what I really wanted to hear was my fave, "Freedom '90."

There was a classy moment where George pointed out that Dr. Phil was in the audience, saying that while his wife looked like she was "having a whale of a time," Phil was scowling. A camera focused on the grumpy doc and projected his bald head on the stage's big screen, which got most of the audience booing!

We cut out after the first encore to avoid the mad dash for the exit. And it was then, while out in the parking lot, that I heard the opening strains of "Freedom '90." Sigh.

Apparently just before that, Bo Derek walked on stage with a birthday cake for George, as it was his 45th that day. People mentioned that other celebs in the audience were Michael's Eli Stone co-star, Johnny Lee Miller, Cyndi Lauper (in town for tonight's True Colors show), Corey Feldman, JC Chasez and Pink.

All in all, George rocked it in what was basically a one-man show, with some help from six backing singers and a band that was offstage most of the evening. The lights and video projections were a plus, too.

Get this old daddy a Vegas act on the pronto.

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