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Sunday, June 01, 2008

Mickey Mouse Oughtta Sue The Shit Out Of Alphabeat

The new Alphabeat single in the U.K., "10,000 Nights Of Thunder," is so similar to "What I've Been Looking For" from the Disney Channel's High School Musical that it's time again for a pop conspiracy comparison! (It's a good thing, too, because the U.K. chart has been such a dud lately, and has had so little change, that next week there might be nothing more than speculating on how many Hollywood B-listers Rihanna's boned by this point.)

Below is Alphabeat's song -- #16 this week on the U.K. chart -- and Lucas Grabeel and Ashley Tisdale's HSM number:

I'm on to something here, right? Anyone?

Well, anyway, at least Ne-Yo's having better luck with "Closer" overseas -- at #7 on the U.K. chart this week. The Stargate-produced single got no higher than #47 in the U.S.

The U.K. Top 10:

1. "Take A Bow" - Rihanna *2 weeks*
2. "That's Not My Name" - The Ting Tings
3. "Warwick Avenue" - Duffy
4. "4 Minutes" - Madonna Feat. Justin Timberlake
5. "Heartbreaker" - Will.I.Am Feat. Cheryl Cole
6. "Black And Gold" - Sam Sparro
7. "Closer" - Ne-Yo
8. "Love In This Club" - Usher Feat. Young Jeezy
9. "Cry For You" - September
10. "Wearing My Rolex" - Wiley

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