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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Roman Cavalry Choirs Are Singing Coldplay

It's day nine in Pennsylvania, and this trip's soundtrack has definitely consisted mostly of Coldplay. Trying to fight it was futile. Coldplay at #1 on the U.S. single chart. Coldplay at #1 on the U.K. album chart and single chart. Coldplay at #1 on next week's Billboard album chart.

Hell, MoogaBoo and I even played Coldplay at our fave Pittsburgh bar Friday night. Ah, well, today's the last full day here before flying back to California, where I narrowly missed the tail end of a heatwave. All of which, of course, is riveting information.

Here's one more PA sky, from a drive in the country this week.

Viva la vida!

The U.K. Top 10:

1. "Viva La Vida" - Coldplay *1 week*
2. "Closer" - Ne-Yo
3. "Take A Bow" - Rihanna
4. "Love Song" - Sara Bareilles
5. "Forever" - Chris Brown
6. "Sweet About Me" - Gabriella Cilmi
7. "That's Not My Name" - The Ting Tings
8. "Singin' In The Rain" - Mint Royale
9. "Warwick Avenue" - Duffy
10. "No Air" - Jordin Sparks Duet With Chris Brown

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  • At 7:23 PM, Blogger Mike said…

    I'm disgusted, D'Luv. Coldplay is the devil. Repeat ten times and give yourself a douche with holy water. I'll be praying for your sorry soul!

  • At 3:13 AM, Blogger Paul said…

    your pics are always so ace. I manage to get red eye in all of mine even if there are no people in the shot.

    Best chart for ages in the UK. Not only does Chris Brown notch up two very good top ten hits (and hopefully paves the way for the lovely Tattoo to become a smash), but those McFly fans awaiting the new single next month send the Jonas Bros top twenty with their quite nice SOS; Popjustice hated Billiam get top 30 with their single My Generation (which to be fair isn't very good) and Maroon 5 are still hovering around with Rihanna with a physical release a couple of weeks away. Marv

  • At 10:31 AM, Blogger Adem With An E said…

    Well I'm definitely in the "Coldplay's new album is incredible" camp, so this news pleases me to no end.

  • At 6:25 PM, Blogger Phil said…

    Nice single, shame about the look.

    The stylist is laughing all the way to Bond Street. A few rags from Grandma's scraps box? A thrift store military jacket? Some Girlsworld make-up? Yes Mr Martin, that'll be $49,995 please. Oh. And just give the trousers a spritz of Fabreze around the crotch and we're done! Voila!

  • At 3:31 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

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