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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Pop Conspiracy: Lily Allen Rips Off Take That, Mark Ronson Doesn't Stick It In Joss Stone

Two-bit hooker Good ol' Lily Allen has admitted she ripped off Take That's 2007 U.K. #1 hit "Shine" with her new song "Who'd Of Known," which is streaming on her MySpace.

The lazy plagiarist writes on her MySpace blog: [sic x 10]"i haveput up a song that wont make it on the album . i ripped off the chous from take that and i can't be bothered with the paperwork , so here ya go ."

Here's the video for Take That's "Shine":

Meanwhile, handsome Brit producer Mark Ronson all but admitted he turned down Joss Stone in one of her fuck-for-tracks bids gone wrong.

Says Heat World:
"I’m not the sort of producer that shags every artist he works with. I’ve had enough offers, but I’m very picky," he said.

The star then went on to brag, "I’ve said no to a very famous, white, bland and very boring English soul chick, whom shall remain unnamed..."

Hmmm. When the journalist then asked Mark if he was talking about Joss Stone, he merely smiled and winked. We'll take that as a yes, then.
Hey, I know how you feel, Mark. This was my reaction just watching Joss Stone at Austin City Limits last year (against my will, mind you):

Thanks Phil, for the Joss goss.

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