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Friday, July 25, 2008

Saint Etienne Announce New Single, Greatest Hits Compilation

The greatest British trio to grace the planet and give pop listeners the gift of deep, meaningful lyrics has a new release on the horizon.

No, not Right Said Fred... I'm talking about Saint Etienne! (Although Saint Etienne did cover "I'm Too Sexy" in the early '90s.)

First up will be a reworking of "Burnt Out Car," fiddly-twiddled up by Xenomania. The various formats promise new B-sides in the form of "River" on the 7" vinyl, "Destroy The Building" and "Night Vision" on part one of the CD single, and a "Balearic Mix" of "Burnt Out Car" by Mark Brown—who produced Etienne front dame Sarah Cracknell's #12 U.K. hit from earlier this year, "The Journey Continues"—on CD2.

Shortly after, London Conversations: The Best Of Saint Etienne will be released. Says the band on their website:
It comes in three delicious 'flavas': a single 18 track cd; a double with every other a-side, some of our best album tracks, and - yes! - "Lover Plays The Bass"; and a 3 disc set in a beautiful book cover with a dvd of all our promo vids.
Sexy. And in case you missed my D'luvvly Sarah Cracknell interview...



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