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Wednesday, July 02, 2008

When The Money's Gone: New Kids On The Block & New Edition Recording A Duet

This New Kids On The Block reunion thing is still happening, then? And now they've dragged New Edition into it (albeit minus rogue member Bobby Brown)?

So news was abuzz yesterday that four of the original New Edition-ers went into a studio to record "Full Service," a track written by Donnie Wahlberg, Lady GaGa and RedOne for the New Kids' forthcoming fall album. If "Full Service" is anywhere as exciting as "Summertime," I'll opt for tranquilizers, instead.

But, hello -- RedOne -- Heidi Montag's producer! (Not to mention he's working on someone named Michael Jackson's new album.) Maybe this will be good.

RedOne spoke about "Full Service" to People:
"It sounds very universal and melodic and has both sides in it: The R&B, which is New Edition and the pop side for New Kids. It's very uplifting. Right away you start feeling good and every part feels natural to each one of the guys. It went really smoothly. There were no egos or attitudes. It felt like they'd been friends forever."
Incidentally, both boy bands were managed by Maurice Starr in their heyday. What ever happened to him?

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