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Saturday, July 05, 2008

Who Is The Greatest Male Pop Star?

Ahead of his Vancouver date on the 25 Live Tour, Canada.com interviewed George Michael. It's a pretty good read that assesses Michael's career, and signals the end of it as we know it:

"I've written a whole body of work that I'm incredibly proud of," he said about his quarter-century of hits. "I've achieved what every artist wants, which is that some of their work will outlive them. But there are other things I can do with my money and my ideas, without my being centre stage.

"There's very little you can do in pop music any more," he noted, saying his next work likely will be distributed freely on the Internet.

It's a sobering statement, and one that got me thinking: has the era of the great male pop star come and gone finally? Or is all hope for that corner of the market now pinned upon Justin Timberlake and Chris Brown?

I thought it'd be fun to do something we haven't seen on Chart Rigger in over a year—a poll—to assess who you think is the greatest male pop star of the past 25 years. I boiled it down to the five who have proven that, at the very least, they'll probably always have Vegas.

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  • At 2:59 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    It has to be Michael Jackson when looking back at a body of work and taking into consideration the term "Pop Star". Obviously his music is still influential and he played the fame game like no one else with the exception of Madonna.
    Now. longevity is another question...if Justin Timberlake continues to have hit songs he could win this one. But he really is just MJ packaged as a cute, straight white boy - everything MJ wanted to be.

  • At 11:09 PM, Blogger JT said…

    it was a bit tough to choose but if we were really to reflect back who had the greatest impact on the music scene (albeit their weird personal lifestyle), it has to be MJ with no doubt.

  • At 9:50 AM, Blogger xolondon said…

    They are each quite different, but I voted for George just to combat Michael Jackson, who has been coasting for 21 of those 25 years, when not slumbering with kids.

  • At 10:21 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    im not kean on any of them , but from a bad batch prince is the one i go for.
    i hate kiddie fiddlers so that leaves jackson out
    hate big headed singers that leaves robbie and that vile timberlake out

    where the hell is bruce springsteen and bryan adams

  • At 5:26 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I initially thought MJJ because at his height he truly was the quintessential pop star, but everything after "Bad" was BAD and boring. And don't even get me started on jaNEXT. snooze. George learned from his massive Wham! success and became a real artist and turned his pop image on its side. Of course he has wasted much of that with his various meltdowns and feudal wars with the labels...but he still managed to tour the USA via arenas - no small feat for someone who has not had a big hit or presence here (aside from tabloid trash) in years. So now I am giving Georgie my vote.

    I am a little torn about Elton not being here or David Bowie, but I guess they are beyond the 25 year mark.

  • At 2:18 AM, Blogger Pranav said…

    George Michael is undoubtedly the reigning pop prince of the last 25 years. While he created mass hysteria in the 80s with hits like "Father Figure", "Careless Whisper" and "Last Christmas", it was only in the 90s (when the other Michael started to falter) that he blossomed into a musician that successfully blended style, substance, a velvety voice, impeccable songwrting, and versatility to give us unforgettable and timeless tunes such as "Fast Love", "Jesus to a child", and "The Strangest thing".

    It's a shame he is walking away for good this year.

  • At 9:31 PM, Blogger M. G. said…

    David Bowie.

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