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Friday, August 15, 2008

Brand New Songs From The Saturdays And Aqua, Minus the Protools

Unlike rock, as is often the case with over-produced pop music, sometimes it just doesn't sound that great live. Well, at least not via YouTube videos with sound filtered through tiny laptop speakers!

Below are live clips of The Saturdays' next single "Up," due out in October, and Aqua's new song "Back To The '80s." (Thanks, Rob.)

I'd be interested to hear the studio version of The Saturdays jam.

Aqua, though? They can scrap that one. They never really worked when they tried to pull of the novelty songs, post-"Barbie Girl."

Give me a "My Oh My" or "Bumble Bees" any day.

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  • At 1:30 AM, Blogger Adem With An E said…

    The best AQUA song is, in my eyes, always going to be "Cartoon Heroes." That song actually gives me goosebumps; what a thumping chorus!

  • At 9:06 PM, Blogger John said…

    I think the Saturdays track has promise, but the Aqua song is freakin' rubbish. Best Aqua track? "Turn Back Time"...both the original and the Love To Infinity Mix are brilliant in their own ways.

  • At 10:34 AM, Blogger D'luv said…

    Adem, I was at a party Friday night, and when I mentioned that I didn't like "Cartoon Heroes" when it was out, the person I was talking with said to go back and give it a re-listen, as it's stood the test of time and was perhaps ahead of its time. I gotta do that at some point.

    John, completley forgot about "Turn Back Time"! Now that I will go back and give a re-listen!

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