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Saturday, August 09, 2008

Can The Saturdays Last?

A five piece girl group. If you think about it, that's a lot of mouths to feed. And in these days where illegal downloading undercuts sales of pop singles, the girls have to hit the stripper pole and ride it hard if they want to see a return on the label's investment.

That's why it's good, in a sense, that The Saturdays are touring with the old madames of the English whorehouse, Girls Aloud. The exposure should ensure at least six or seven more downloads of "If This Is Love" by the time all the thongs are packed away.

Debuting at #8 out of the gate on the U.K. chart isn't great. Still, it'll at least warrant one more. It's been said that The Saturdays will have three singles total before an album is released, so the fate of the gals will hinge on the performance of song #2.

These broads were interviewed for the Metro. The article itself isn't that interesting, as it's got the typically inane stock quotes from a new act: "We can definitely have a number one!" "We get on so well!" "I've got three or four friends I can trust!"

It's more notable for the male interviewer trying to do his best seductive girl group pose in the accompanying photo. You go get 'em, tiger!



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