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Saturday, September 06, 2008

Your New Kids On The Block Shame

You know how when, like, you sleep with some trashbag you know you probably shouldn't have, and you wake up the next morning thinking, Wow, I didn't even get paid for this? Anyone?

Well, picture yourself bored on a Saturday afternoon, deciding to check out the clips of New Kids On The Block's new album The Block on iTunes. It's a group you've always loathed, so you're suddenly a bit startled to hear that each song doesn't suck dumpster sludge.

A duet with Ne-Yo! And Pussycat Dolls! And Lady GaGa! The whole Interscope gang's along for the ride! Wow, wow, wow-eee!

And then you come to the Timbaland-produced "Twisted."

Your eyes shut. Your shame builds. You know what you're about to do. And your finger glides the cursor over to click "Buy Album." Album. As in the whole thing.

Well, thank God this didn't happen to me.

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