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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Pet Shop Boys Reveal New Album, Single Info

The online music community is simply shooting glitter out every orifice over the previously mentioned "The Loving Kind," which is the Pet Shop Boys' contribution to the new Girls Aloud album. Much (all?) of the Girls' album leaked over the weekend.

The Boys also posted this information on their website today: "It is anticipated that the recording and mixing of the new Pet Shop Boys' album will be completed in November and that it will be released in March 2009. A single, probably a song co-written with Xenomania called 'Love etc.', will be released prior to the album."

Meanwhile, Neil Tennant took the above photos from inside the Xenomania studio as the Pet Shop Boys wrap up their album. It's the female and male backing singers laying down their vocal tracks.

But, what's this? On the far left of the men, it's none other than Saint Etienne's Bob Stanley!

Xenomania honcho Brian Higgins has collaborated with SE on several occasions, and currently in the U.K. there's a single out for the band's "Xenomania Mix" update of their 1997 track "Burnt Out Car" (originally produced by Higgins). As well, Xenomania produced "Stars Above Us" and "Lightning Strikes Twice" on Saint Etienne's last album, Tales From Turnpike Place.

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