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Friday, October 24, 2008

Take That's 'The Circus' Album Cover: "This Is How Much Sex We've Had"

Golly, Take That, in some ways, you've come such a long way since 1992's Take That & Party. And yet, there you are, still flailing your arms about on the cover of upcoming December release The Circus.

That new cover says to me, "Our d***s are thiiiis big!" Or, "Hey, this is how much sex we've all had...with each other."

Speaking of which, that brings to mind this classy passage from Gary Barlow's autobiography, My Take:
"[1994] ...Life in Take That was slowly but surely becoming unbearable. I was even beginning to tire of the unending menu of girls. It was beginning to feel like it had less and less to do with me, as if it was taking me away from who I was. You name it, I'd tried it, all varieties, every scenario, things I can't write about here—I've got kids now!

There was no effort in it, no chatting them up, not even for five minutes, but there was always some girl who'd come up and say, 'Take me back with you.' I wouldn't even spend the night with them—I wanted a good night's sleep. You'd get them back to your room, do the business, and then say, 'Right, out.' I'd started off polite but now I couldn't be bothered."
Well, it's easy to see where the inspiration for all those romantic ballads came from...

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