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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Take That's "Greatest Day" Video In A Nutshell

Take That's video for "Greatest Day" premiered today. And since it keeps getting pulled from YouTube, here it is in a rapid play-by-play. (The clip is also posted below—watch while it lasts!)

The That basically stand on the roof of a Los Angeles skyscraper. They emote and rapidly vibrate—apparently they've got the music in them.

For some reason, L.A. is portrayed in this video as some post-Apocalyptic, Bedlam-looking hell. Oh, wait...

A bunch of pollen flies around in the air and Gary Barlow starts sneezing. I know, Gary, the Santa Anas get me every year, too.

Finally, the West Coast sun is too much for the lads' pale English skin, and they spontaneously combust.

Either that or they realized this song is no "Rule The World," and they're like, "Yeah, later..."

Here's the vid for "Greatest Day":

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