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Saturday, November 01, 2008

Good 'Times' With Take That

England's Times Online has a pretty groovy interview with Take That. It was conducted while the foursome were in L.A. shooting the video for "Greatest Day"—the single cover art for which has now been unveiled (below)—and mixing new album The Circus.

Much of the piece retreads the territory covered in Gary Barlow's book My Take. But here are a few new classy quotes from the gents:

GARY: “I just can’t control myself around food, if I’m honest. Anything fatty or high-calorie is out. Mine is definitely a future without fries. In the studio, while making the album, the others would be dialling out late at night for burgers and chocolate while I’d be there with my tuna salad and protein bar thinking, ‘This is shit!’ I mean, look how thin they are. It isn’t fair."

JASON ORANGE: "To be honest, I think fame is shit. I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone. I know it’s a huge aspiration for a lot of young people these days, but really I can’t think of one redeeming feature it has other than that of a quick ego caress or being able to jump the queue at a club. Otherwise, it sucks."

MARK OWEN: “It would be bloody brilliant if [Robbie Williams] came back some day. There’s nothing missing without him in a musical sense, but still it would be so great. I think we’d all have Rob back tomorrow if he wanted it and the time felt right."

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