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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Viva La Radio: Lolly 2.0?

Poster Girl alerted me to the purported "new" demos Anna Kumble (aka, Lolly!!) put on her MySpace awhile back, and, well...Lolly? New songs? Yes, we can!

First of all, this stripper is now 43 30 and is a TV presenter on Nickelodeon kiddie shows in England.

To do a bit of digging on the new tracks, I had to jump into the PopJustice forum—which, I'd sooner knife my eyes out with a half-eaten fish stick than dive into that swill of depression. Someone noted that the tracks ("We've Got a Good Thing," "I Like The Way You Move" and "Super Delicious") are actually sung by a session singer, with Lolly determining which she wants to record based on fan votes or some shit.

Do both "I Like The Way You Move" and "We've Got a Good Thing," Lolly! Release them as a double A-side and come back bigger than Coldplay!

"I Like The Way You Move" actually sounds like Fast Food Rockers' "Kiss Me Quick" a bit. (Ironically, Anna Kumble sang backing vocals on the FFR album.)

Anyway, below is the vid for Lolly's first hit, "Viva La Radio," which made #6 in the U.K. in summer 1999. I bought this single on import literally a month after I moved to L.A.

Did anyone else's CD have that digital glitch in it where it skipped a second?

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