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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Hey, 2008, Don't Let The Door Hit Your Ass On The Way Out, Okay?

Alright, so 2008 didn't suck too terribly bad. Well, maybe it did. But there were still a few memorable incidents.

Below are what I deemed some of the highlights, or at least fantastically trashy moments, on Chart Rigger throughout 2008.

As for the photo above, I snapped that in Northridge, California, two Sundays ago.

Be safe tonight, and here's wishing for a great 2009...and Happy New Year!

* The 10 best pop singles of 2008.
* The 10 worst pop singles of 2008.
* L.A.'s Virgin Megastore closes down, and D'luv does a sad video blog.
* The one, the only Kylie Minogue banterview!
* D'luv disses Leona Lewis, incite the wrath of the Leo-tards.
* The notorious "Toca's Miracle" story.
* Pet Shop Boys' Very turns 15. Nostalgia ensues.
* Throwback: Don't walk away, boy.
* D'luv goes to Italy, meets a hot opera singer.
* Heidi Montag's "Higher", truly trashtastic.
* Chris Brown's "Forever" is a Chart Rigger fave upon first listen.
* The ultimate Hillary Clinton election-concession mix tape.
* The third annual MTV VMAs banterview.
* Throwback: These are days you'll remember.

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