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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Because If Jesse McCartney's Album Didn't Sell The First Time Around...

Jesse McCartney's 2008 album Departure is being re-released on April 7 with extra tracks. Wow, wow, wow!!!

Says Jesse in a press release, "The idea for Departure: Recharged got started when I got in [the studio] with Ludacris. It just started a creative flow and these great new songs just came spilling out. If you liked Departure, this definitely continues the story."

No, Jesse—you just shut up and tell the truth! The idea for Departure: Discharged got started when you had to record a brand new song to have another hit after your album slid into the dumpster faster than Katy Perry dropping to her knees backstage at an All-American Rejects gig.

Anyway, the vid for Jesse's current smash, "How Do You Sleep?", clearly Ludacris' finest moment since Fergie's "Glamorous":

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  • At 5:58 PM, Blogger John said…

    Jesse tried to respond to your ridiculous charges, but was still "in the studio" at the time of publication.

  • At 7:15 PM, Blogger Poster Girl said…

    "How Do You Sleep": clearly the best song on Departure, so I'm glad it's getting a single release (well, a proper push). I love love love it. Plus, "not only does you body bang/but I miss the conversation too" is still probably the best line of 2008. I'm glad it now has a video better than that random black and white live performance one. And one that apparently had more money spent on it than the one for "Leavin'," which in behind the scenes footage looked like the making of low budget porn.

    He looks much better on that album cover, too. I approve.

  • At 10:46 PM, Anonymous paul said…

    Ooooh...edgy! Ghostriding the whip! (I saw that on Inside Edition)

    He already promoted this song a while back and it didn't catch on. Let it go.

    I actually know someone who bought his album -- an ostensibly straight adult male. From Wales.

    Maybe that's his target demographic and he keeps missing them.

  • At 11:47 PM, Blogger Troystar said…

    I usuallly hate re-releases but Departure was my 3rd favorite album from 2008. It's a better R & B album then what most of the black comtemporary artists have out there. "How Do You Sleep?" dererves to be a hit

  • At 1:49 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    So, how many cds did he move with the original product?

    Honest to gawd, if it ain't got a rapper mushmouthing girl banging in it, it ain't going nowheres, ya know?

    Boy needs to give up the Disneyesque version of sex...check it out with the masters of old..Al Green (Mr. Grits on the chest, courtesy of the wifey), Marvin Gaye (rest in peace, you houndog, you), Barry, the big lovah, et al. Today's "boys" ain't got nuthin' on the past. A little mystery goes a long ass way...no need for all the graphic nature. Back in the day some of that sweetness would have the ladies finished before they even knew they started. Secret to it all... subtlety, boys, subtelty...course, most don't know what to do with it when it does present itself.:-)


  • At 1:03 PM, Blogger Joshua said…

    Oh I would certainly love to be the possessor of the Discharge of his Departure....


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