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Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Kelly Rowland Simply Deep-Sixed From Columbia

Looks like as far as Kelly Rowland's solo career goes, now she really is an Independent Woman! (Yuk yuk yuk!)

In a press release issued today, it was stated that the Destiny's Child ass-shaker has parted ways with Columbia Records:
"Because Columbia Records has been my home base as an artist for more than a decade, the decision to move out on my own required a lot of soul-searching," said Kelly Rowland. "As a solo artist, I felt the need to explore new directions, new challenges, and new freedoms outside my comfort zone and my friends and family at Columbia have been incredibly understanding about my evolution. I want to thank everyone at Columbia for the love and support they've shown and I will never forget how many good times we've had over the years."
So was it the label's lack of promotion that killed her two solo albums, Simply Deep and Ms. Kelly—both of which only sold a combined total of 800,000 copies in the U.S.? Or was it her ex-manager Matthew Knowles, secretly sabotaging her career behind the scenes in order to keep the main spotlight shining on Beyonce's platinum boobs?

Ah, well...at least Ms. K will always have this crowning achievement to tell the grandkiddies about:

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